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Theresa May No Confidence Rumor Creates Chaos

It seems things are not going well for the British PM. So many things happening at such a fast pace make it difficult for her to overcome the problems. The earlier stepping down of Michael Fallon, the British Defense Secretary did not do any good to the PM’s political drive. Similarly, Theresa May no confidence rumors won’t come to her help in any way.

Reports on Theresa May No Confidence  

The Theresa May no confidence rumors resulted in a political chaos in the country. According to Theresa May no confidence rumor, around 40 MPs of her party agreed to sign a letter showing lack of trust in her leadership.

There was a sudden drop in the British Pound seeing a decline of 0.9 percent lowering it to $1.307. It also fell against Euro, making it 0.8 percent weaker, standing at £0.891 for 1 Euro.

The news of Theresa May no confidence comes after the resignation of Priti Patel, one of Theresa May’s cabinet ministers.

Theresa May No Confidence Rumor Creates Chaos

Theresa May No Confidence and Brexit

Theresa May no confidence will not look good on her resume when trying to carry forward with the Brexit negotiations. A leadership crisis from within her political party makes it difficult for her to gather necessary political clout to go ahead with the talks.

She has to come up with plans to first overcome this political turmoil. Also, she would have to lobby EU’s withdrawal through House of Commons. Since she has to tame the Tory MPs threatening to join the opposition. However, political analysts are warning that she does not have the mandate and authority to ensure the passage.

Brexit, the European Union and Lack of Authority

The Brexit talks are not going smoothly by any measure. In the midst of this crises, European Union is preparing to collapse these negotiations. There are also rumors that the EU officials may be considering a situation in which Theresa May does not remain Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The Conservatives are trying their best to win the support at home to successfully negotiate the deal. In a letter written by Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, he has raised concerns over Mrs. May’s ability to influence her party. He believes she does not have what it takes to deliver success in Brexit negotiations for Great Britain.

Furthermore, he wrote in his letter that the Government needs to work with Labour Party, coming up with a broader “national agenda.” He also gave references to Conservative MP’s publicly contradicting the verdict of the Prime Minister.

There have been rumors of Mr. Johnson, a supporter of Britain’s exit from the EU, Michael Gove, writing a secret memo to the PM. In his memo, he laid out the transition process and the steps involved in it.

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