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Brexit in Chaos As Theresa May Faces No-Confidence Vote

Tory MPs have triggered a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Theresa May as she struggles to secure a Brexit deal that already has backing from EU.

Conservative lawmakers will ballot on Wednesday evening after more than 48 MPs sent letters leading to for no- confidence against British Prime Minister. It was required for 15 percent of 315 Toray MPs to send letters to Sir Graham Brady who is chair of the 1922 committee in parliament. 

If half the number of Conservative MPs vote against Theresa May, the Prime Minister will be removed from her seat. 

Earlier, it was in November 2017 when Theresa May no-confidence rumors had created chaos.

Theresa May Argues Over No- Confidence Vote Impact

Theresa May who has been robustly defending her Brexit deal from several weeks has quickly responded to a no-confidence vote against her in parliament. 

Speaking outside of Downing Street May said, “I will contest that vote with everything I have got”. She stated that she stood ready to finish her job. 

Warning Over Change of Leadership

PM  again defended her take on Brexit deal and warned that change or leadership will leave Brexit in chaos instead of making it easy. She said, “it will put the country’s future to risk and create an uncertainty when we can least afford it”.

The Response of Tory MPs on No-Confidence Against Theresa May

According to media reports almost 100 Tory MPs have tweeted in favor of Theresa May, so there are chances that PM may survive the vote. 

Let’s have a look at what MPs have been saying about it.

Matt Werman opined to vote for Theresa May.

Jake Berry also showed intention to back his Prime Minister.

Chris Skidmore, the MP for Kingswood acknowledged how May worked hard for Brexit deal and deserved a credit on this achievement.

James Heappey also opined that changing leader will be an act of self-indulgence and wouldn’t change anything on Brexit.

Luke Hall also tweeted about supporting Theresa May and called no-confidence vote an unnecessary distraction.

Theresa May’s Struggle for a Brexit Deal

The matter of leaving EU with a deal that appeases to British MPs and also EU has proven to be a challenge for Theresa May so far. The prime minister worked hard to strike a deal with EU but faced defeat in House of Commons as MPs didn’t approve it mainly because of Backstop provision on Ireland.

On Tuesday, Miss May also held a meeting with EU representatives like German Chancellor Angela Merkel,  and Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte in an attempt to reportedly get some concessions which could appease British MPs. But it seems that Brexit is becoming difficult to swallow  pill as a chaos among lawmakers, for not reaching an acceptable deal, has now made them trigger a no-confidence vote against Theresa May.

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