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Theresa May Opposes EU Citizens’ Residency Rights during Brexit Transition

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has shown that she is not in favor of giving residency rights to EU citizens coming to the UK during Brexit Transition period.

Theresa May is of the opinion that there had to be a difference between EU citizens who came before the UK leaves and those who will arrive after the Brexit cut-off date.

Brexit Transition Period

UK will officially leave the EU on March 29, 2019, the Brexit cut-off date; this will follow a transition period of almost two years. The Brexit transition period is likely to last on December 31, 2020.

The period is meant for implementing the post-Brexit rules and regulations and making adjustment accordingly. It aims at reducing the disturbances that potential stakeholders like businesses and citizens of each bloc, may face.  

While talking about Brexit transition period, Theresa May said, “We are not talking about something that is going to go on and on. We are leaving the European Union, there is an adjustment period for businesses, and indeed for the government, for changes that need to be made,” BBC reported.

Residency Plan for EU Citizens after Brexit

According to Brexit deal that concluded in December 2017, UK agreed to give the citizenship to the EU citizens on specific terms and conditions. EU citizens in the UK would continue to enjoy citizenship rights, even after the Brexit on following conditions.

EU citizens who are in the UK from last five years would likely to have a settled status. They would have access to all the public services even after Brexit.

Those EU nationals who would arrive before the Brexit cut-off date would be eligible for getting UK citizenship rights after they live in the country for five years.

The UK government also proposed that EU nationals coming to the UK during Brexit transition period would be able to work or continue studies. But, they have to get registered.

Brexit Transition

Reasons for Opposition by Theresa May

According to reports, Theresa May opined that UK had agreed to grant citizenship rights to UK citizens who arrived before Brexit, because they had set-up certain expectations, as Uk was still a part of EU. But, Those EU nationals who would come to the UK during Brexit transition period wouldn’t have any such expectations, for they would arrive after Brexit.

Transition negotiations are likely to kick-start next month. If UK agrees not to give citizenship rights to EU national who come during the transition period, then It would have to devise a mechanism of visa application and work permit.

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