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Theresa May Post-Election Struggle Continues

Theresa May post-election struggle continues with strong political headwinds. She will need the support of her MPs to remain in the 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister of the Great Britain. Many MPs consider Theresa May’s re-election call as a dangerous stunt which cost the party a lot of seats.

Theresa May Post-Election Struggle, Brexit, and Other Challenges

It is not just the election, Theresa May post-election struggles also list other urgent and pressing issues. She has to tackle an aggressive Brussels itching to start Brexit negotiations. Similarly, she will lose the control on parliament that she had before the election.

Therefore, DUP remains her only chance of surviving in the new hung parliament. She will also have to listen to the demands of DUP. The party wants to have a new finance package in return for supporting her into the parliament.

Queen’s Speech on 19th June

On 19th June 2017, the Queen will travel to Parliament to unveil the new government’s agenda. On the same date, officials in Brussels are looking to start the Brexit negotiations. The Prime Minister would want to avail these opportunities to set the direction right for her country. However, as in Theresa May post-election struggle she will have to find the strength in the parliament to support her.

Theresa May post-election struggle is not only to fight the threats from Labour Party but from inside her party too. Her leadership is challenged by other successors to take her position as the party leader and the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Michael Gove Comes to Rescue

Theresa May Post-Election Struggle Continues Theresa May called in Michael Gove to appoint him as Environmental Secretary. He will become the key adviser to the British Prime Minister to aid her in going through the tough Brexit negotiations.

Some political advisers suggest that this move of Theresa May suggests her flexible approach to politics. As per them, she wants to wear off the criticism of being too autocratic.

Conservatives Do Not Want a Re-Election

Theresa May post-election struggle mirrors her party’s vows. Conservatives do not want to have a re-election after the loss of majority in the parliament. The party seeks to start the Brexit negotiations at the earliest possible. Theresa May and her party are doing everything in their power to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming PM. The Conservatives know the challenges they are to face in the coming days to stay in authority.

Jeremy Corbyn Says He May Become Prime Minister

Jeremy Corbyn and many in his party think he may become the UK’s Prime Minister. The party wants to create the possibility of a re-election. After an enormous loss of too many seats by Conservatives, they are not in a position for a re-run. However, Labour Party would love to have a second go at the election.

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