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Theresa May Signs 9- Billion Pounds Worth China Deals

A golden era of China-Britain relationships, kick starts with Theresa May signing more than 9 billion pounds worth in China deals.

Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May’s recent visit to China has heralded another era of economic ties between Britain and China.

Theresa May’s Visit to China

UK Prime Minister’s three days visit to China ended on Friday, February 2, 2018.  She concluded her trade mission by signing more than 9.3- billion pounds worth of China deals.

Theresa May’s recent visit to China was an attempt to explore new economic opportunities for building ties with the world’s second-largest economy. According to the media reports, British is looking to reposition itself as a global trade nation, after Brexit. For this reason, signing a free trade agreement with the potential economic superpower, like China is the country’s priority.

Concerning the resent China deals, Theresa May said, “Meanwhile the UK is preparing to leave the European Union. We’re seizing the opportunity to become an ever more-outward looking Global Britain- deepening or trade relations with nations around the world, including China”, Reuters reported.

She also told that the UK is looking to introduce British’s renowned food and drinks to China while opening up the market for the British financial sector. Media reports also suggest that only financial service providers alone signed the one billion pounds worth of China deals.

China Deals

Golden Era of China-Britain Relationship

Both countries refer to the China-Britain relationship as a golden era. President of China, Xi Jinping also pledged to build and promote the golden era of the bilateral relationship with the recent China deals.

Well, both Britain and China have got their own reasons to build the new economic ties with each other. The UK is looking to explore new international markets and rebuild its image as an inclusive economy. In the same manner, China is also looking to the UK as an economically, to access more open global markets.

Significance of China Deals after Brexit

The Brexit has put a question mark on Britain’s support for inclusiveness and free trade at the global level. The UK leaders are making efforts to reach out the world and convey the message that British still embraces the diversity. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London’s Indo-Pak visit as part of London is an Open campaign, also aimed at spreading the message that the UK is as inclusive as it was before Brexit.

After leaving EU on March 29, 2018, the Brexit cut-off date, the country would need to establish new economic ties with emerging economies to find new markets for its products and services. Theresa May’s signing of more than 9 billion pounds worth of China deals is just an attempt to explore new economic partnerships.

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