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These Artists are Performing in Coke Studio Season 14

Coke Studio season 14 is building up to be something Pakistan has rarely witnessed before in the popular music show. The shoots are currently happening in Karachi, and it is unclear when the first episode will be on air. However, the line-up of artists has been revealed, and it looks robust.

Coke Studio Season 14 Line-Up

According to media reports, the list is full of musical diversity covering pop, rap, qawwali, and even EDM. The legendary Abida Perveen is making a return along with QB, Atif Aslam, and Naseebo Lala. Meesha Shafi gets to appear in her second Coke Studio season along with her brother Faris Shafi, who just released 3 music videos in one year. According to reports, both will perform together for the first time on the stage.

The electro champ Talal Qureshi and modern Pakistani prince of pop Hasan Raheem will headline the show. Interestingly, fans will also see Justin Bibis, the duo who went viral after singing Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ in a desi accent.

What has Changed?

Coke Studio season 14 is more special than others because there will be a fresh take on many things. According to reports, the previous producer Rohail Hyatt quit the platform in March 2021. It opened up room for Zulfikar ‘Xulfi’ Jabbar Khan to take over the throne and lead ahead. He will be working with Abdullah Siddiqui (Resistance) and Zain Ali from Peshawar Zalmi anthem fame.

However, Xulfi will be producing only a handful of episodes. Music fans can expect a lot of changes because there will be experiments and relatively much more creative freedom than before. The show’s format is also condensed to a total of 12 songs. Xulfi is also known for advocating originality, so there will be no covers this time.

Finding Hidden Gems

According to the reports, it was Xulfi who decided to do something different and bring in a diverse pool of talent. He is known for doing that in Nescafe Basement, in which he is the leading producer, recruiter, and mentor. The Nescafe Basement has provided a platform for many underground artists who could sing and play various instruments.

The disbanded ‘Strings’ were also known to give limelight to many deserving new talents in the 4 seasons they directed. Now Xulfi carried on the experience by adding many new faces. The presence of some “defaults” may have disappointed some fans because they take up space for possibly more raw talent like in Nescafe Basement. However, if Coke Studio season 14 can work as intended, it can surprise many Pakistanis who believe that the show is way past its shelf life.

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