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These Memes Explain All About Facebook Changing Name to Meta

The news about Facebook changing name has been a subject of hilarious memes on the internet. The tech giant announced on Oct 28 that it will now rebrand itself as ‘Meta’ from now on. Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the name ‘Facebook’ was linked with only one product of the company and did not represent Instagram, WhatsApp, or its other activities like the upcoming Metaverse. The name of its all apps will remain the same but they will operate under a different brand name.

Moments after the announcement, social media started to fill up with a torrent of comments and memes that mocked the tech giant’s rebranding efforts. These commentators not only included the platform’s users but other brands as well.

Facebook Changing Name but not Attitude

As far as rebranding is concerned, the company is ambitiously moving forward with its Metaverse plans. According to the reports, it is going to be an expanding virtual world where internet users would be able to interact in form of avatars. However, the tech giant also confirmed that its corporate structure, or whatever its social media networks are infamous for, would not change.

The level of controversies surrounding the operations of this company is alarming. It is facing various legal and privacy issues that require immediate attention and rectifications. Several reports are frequently highlighting the negative phycological effects of its apps on different users, especially teenage girls. This is one of the reasons why the announcement of Facebook changing name has failed to excite some of the audience.

They greeted the move as unnecessary when its other products had been under serious problems. Few of them suggested that it might the tech giant’s strategy to turn away from real issues that bother the users of its apps.

Associating Name with Fate

Meta is a global corporation so some of the criticism is global too. Here a Pakistani user joins in on the fun by sharing a meme inspired by local superstitions. In some brown households, people believe that if a child is going through too much bad luck, then changing its name might bring stability. Considering the range of criticism this company is facing, this is how it looks to some people.

Other Brands Join the Memefest

Facebook changing name has also intrigued other brands to express their views about the matter. One such brand is Wendys, which is famous for commenting on current affairs. Following the reports, it also jokingly announced to change its name to ‘Meat’, which also seems like wordplay on Facebook’s new name, Meta.

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