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Thieves Steal Jinnah’s Monocle from the Statue in Vehari

Recently, some robbers targeted the three-dimensional statue of Quaid e Azam in Vehari, Pakistan. They stole Jinnah’s Monocle, which was believed to be a replica of his single glass-eye that he often used to read the paper while giving speeches.

The astonishing thing about the incident is that the statue is built and placed at Deputy Commissioner Complex. That is the place where the district’s top officials live and somehow, the thieves tricked them and compromised the valuable statue. Also, the officials are trying to find the ones who committed this crime.  

Authorities Will Arrest the Thieves 

Chief Minister, Usman Buzdar asked the Multan’s Commissioner to provide an explanation regarding the incident and also report the follow-ups on the case . He reportedly states that this is an unacceptable and terrible thing to do. Thus, legal action is necessary against the thieves. Other than that, He ordered the administration of the locality to mend the statute by reinstalling another monocle. In his view, it was a good thing that robbers didn’t break or vandalize the statue. 

Reportedly, the Deputy Commissioner, Khizar Afzal Chaudhary said that the police will soon arrest the ones who stole Jinnah’s monocle with the help of CCTV coverage. He ordered an inquiry about the incident and asked the officials to catch burglers as soon as possible. 

What Does the Public Think of This Act?

The incident soon went viral on social media. The public has mixed reation; some became furious since Jinnah’s monocle seems to symbolize the historic time of independence of Pakistan. Many also found it funny too. They said it was stupid to steal the monocle. 

Other Similar Incidents 

Statues of renowned personalities are becoming highlighted due to weird incidents happening with them. Jinnah’s monocle isn’t the only thing making news because it was robbed off a statute. Very recently, some robbers targeted the statue of Samiullah Khan, the Hockey legend. They took hockey and a ball from the sculpture. 

Other than that, the statue of Allama Iqbal in Lahore Park confused people as it didn’t look like Iqbal but someone else. People made fun of it and some asked to remove it quickly. However, different news emerged regarding statue, like it was made by effort of park’s gardeners etc. and it was not made under the supervision of authorities.

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