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Aladdin Trailer Is Out and Fans Are Not So Happy With It

It is finally out. The Disney has dropped Aladdin trailer which has taken the audience in surprise for many reasons. While fans were excited to see a remake of the Disney epic, they didn’t feel good about the trailer so much for many reasons.

Things People Missed in Aladdin Trailer

Aladdin trailer begins with the breathtaking scenery of Arabian sand which is characteristic of one of the deadliest deserts in the world. And, later comes a desert bird leading to the deadly cave where audience catches a glimpse of Aladdin looking at the mysterious lamp in such an astonishment.

Mena Masoud, the actor who is playing Aladdin also shared the first look from the trailer.

While in terms of visuals, sound effects, and picturesque scenery, Aladdin trailer fulfills the promise and expectations of users. But, there is something that the audience still missed. And, a look at the trailer may point well what should have been a part of it.


And, here is what fans had to point out from the trailer.

What Aladdin is Wearing?

It seems that fans were expecting Aladdin in the vest only and they didn’t want him to wear anything else. It looked very unpleasing to fans and they even questioned the Disney’s intent of showing Aladdin in an attire which was never identified with.

There were indeed some shocking responses.

So, all those questioning Disney for making Aladdin wear something are gays? Not really though.

They were quick enough to point out more things, like a resemblance of the scene with that of Beauty and the Beast.

Egyptian fans of this folklore becoming nostalgic about the previous Aladdin film.

On Missing the Other Characters

Apart from the Vest issue what fans missed the most in Aladdin trailer were other characters like Jasmine and Jennie, two of them that need a special mention. So, it seems that the audience was not satisfied with a mere look of Aladdin, lamp, sand and the cave.

Will Smith who is playing Gennie in Aladdin was missed the most.

Fans were quick to point out how could Disney miss other cast names for the credits. Will Smith who is making headlines for working in Student of the Year 2 was the major name and the actor is playing Jennie and not even the title character. Maybe Dinsey chose to do so because it didn’t think of Mena Massoud much famous yet.

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