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Five Things To Never Update On Social Media Profile

What happens online, stays online? No, that is the least accurate statement you would ever encounter. Instead, we should say, whatever happens online, doesn’t stay there, it spreads and may bite you back. So, the plethora of social media profile options makes us vulnerable. Sometimes, we may not be in the right frame of mind, but update something which we may regret. But as they say, it is better safe than sorry.

Five Sins Not to Commit on Your Social Media Profile

So, let’s check our list of the top five that can backfire.

Office Politics on Social Media

Yes, you heard that right. Most of us, if not every one of us, like to go online and start talking about office politics. We do not like a person in our office and begin backbiting them. It is not something that would go well with your employer or the person about whom you are talking. Make sure not to take office politics to social media. It does not only reflect poorly on you, but it may cost you your job.

Five Things To Never Update On Social Media Profile

Respect All Kinds of People Out There

We may like some people all of the time, all people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time. There are differences of opinion about things, but sometimes people find social media as the right place to try and reconcile them. Well, there are many laws in place for racism, bigotry, and discriminating against a person. So be careful to show respect to other people.

No One Gets Away with Social Media Mistakes Unless You Are Donald Trump

The American President, aka Donald Trump, is a fan of Twitter. He sets his Twitter on fire now and then. But, we should not adopt those non-social-media friendly habits from Trump. Even if you delete what you have just shared online, you never know someone may already have saved that with the push of the print screen button

Personal Things Become Public Online

Nothing between two people can remain private, once you share it online. We have recently seen the spat between Amir Khan & Faryal Makhdoom taking a toll on their relationship. Instead of trying to solve their differences amicably, they made the public a party to their personal lives. There are rumors of both getting along together again, and we wish them good. But, we have to be careful in the use of social media, mainly when it is something terrible that we have to say.

Share Your Hobbies Thoughtfully

There are many hidden sides of us as humans. We may not like that to be shared with the public. We are afraid that other people might judge us for that. However, sometimes, we do not remember that rule and share whatever we have on our minds. It is a dangerous thing to share your hobbies that other people may loathe. Besides everyone else, think about your employer who may not find that hobby coinciding with the values that the company portrays.

Be careful and do not toil with the idea of posting anything online that comes to your mind. You may never get the chance to think again once it is already out there.

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