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This Dialogue from Mahira Khan’s Aik Hai Nigar is Confusing People

The much-awaited telefilm Aik Hai Nigar has been released on ARY to a lot of appraisals. However, some elements of the film have been a subject of debate on social media. People have been criticizing the part which glorified military doctors and referred to other healthcare professionals as “ordinary”.

The biopic is based on the real story of Nigar Johar, the first woman Lieutenant General of Pakistan. It is directed by Adnan Sarwar, written by Umera Ahmed, and co-produced by Mahira Khan and Nina Kashif. Mahira also played the titular role of Johar, who is a serving doctor of Pakistan Army Medical Corps (AMC) and one of the first five women to become a major general.

As much as the viewers loved the film, the particular scene bothered them equally.

How Aik Hai Nigar Confuses the Definition of Doctors?

The main character of Aik Hai Nigar was seen on TV saying that they were not ordinary doctors but doctors in uniform. She added that the public had many hopes and expectations from them. Viewers were disappointed by the comparison because all doctors were supposed to be equal regardless of the institution they belonged to.

Making a biopic on a woman who has achieved greatness in her field, is an excellent idea. Moreover, this telefilm also shows how husbands can support their wives. However, that dialogue, in the end, indicates the superiority of military doctors over civilian ones. It has left a bad impression on some viewers who initially praised the content.

Not a Wise Choice of Dialogue

Many posts on social media suggest that Aik Hai Nigar has hurt a lot of sentiments. Given the sensitivity of the profession, netizens have advised the producer and writer to choose their dialogues more carefully next time. It is because these words can be disrespectful towards the non-military doctors who have worked vehemently in overcrowded hospitals during COVID.

Some even made memes to explain the role public health care played during the pandemic when even military-run hospitals refused to take in civil patients.

Questions Raised on The Casting

Besides the controversial dialogue, some other aspects of Aik Hai Nigar also came under fire. Even before the launch, many have objected to the casting of Mahira Khan as Nigar Johar due to a few reasons.

Some said that Mahira’s skills in acting were not as enhanced to portray someone like Johar. While others complained that if she was to get all the decorated roles then what about the struggling or new actors, who were still waiting for their big break.

Few also felt that the Mahira Khan played the part based on her popularity and appearance. Perhaps, they wanted to see someone who at least looked remotely similar to the person she was portraying. They opined that Areeba Habib could have been a better choice for her uncanny resemblance to the real-life Johar.

Mahira made her debut as a producer with Barwaan Khiladi but there is no official release date yet. According to the latest reports, its name was changed to Shaheen XI in April 2021.

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