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This Roadside Vendor Has a Perfect Song for Selling Samosas

A funny video is making rounds on social media in which a vendor is selling samosas to the beat of an improvised tune. The song may sound familiar to Bollywood fans but it has entirely different lyrics that cater to samosa lovers. It also seems like a great marketing tactic to attract more customers to his cart. Someone recorded the entire show from the balcony and shared it on the internet.

The original song that this rendition is based on is called “Sandese atey hain” by Sonu Nigam which the singer changed into “samosa atey hain”.

Song for Selling Samosas is Actually a Song Dedicated to Indian Military

The tune belonged to a song in an Indian film named Border (1997). This was a popular song in its time and different artists or commoners have twisted it to create funny versions over the years. Most of them were rather dirty unlike this one, which came off as creative when used by a samosa seller.

The original song was like a tribute to the military officers who stay away from their families with a risk of getting killed for political reasons. However, the rendition of this song for selling samosas is not as complicated as that. It simply celebrates the love people have for samosas, especially in India and Pakistan.

What is this Song?

This song for selling samosas is also available on YouTube since 2017 and has more than 221,000 views. In this song, the artist is singing about how people rush to eat the samosa and usually throw away the chutney that comes with it. The wasted chutney then ends up in the environment, making it further hostile than it already is.

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