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This Ronaldo and Messi Together Picture Is A Viral Meme Now

Much-awaited FIFA World Cup 2022 has been started in Qatar. Apart from controversies regarding the event being held in a Middle Eastern country, a viral Ronaldo and Messi together picture is the highlight of the tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who are the captains of the Portugal and Argentina teams respectively are likely to play the last FIFA world cup of their careers. Ronaldo vs Messi debate represents the greatest rivalry among football fans who keep defending their favorite player as the GOAT. Perhaps, this is the reason an ice-cold photo of the stars playing chess before the start of the world cup is going viral on social media. The picture by showing both players sitting on opposite sides of the chess table depicts the essence of what Ronaldo vs Messi’s supremacy discourse in football is all about.

Both the players who posed this as part of an advertisement for a brand posted this picture on their respective Instagram pages.

Ronaldo and Messi Together Become a Meme

For football fans seeing Ronaldo and Messi together playing chess is all about discussing who will say the checkmate first. However, the picture has much of a universal appeal for acting as the perfect template for a meme. Ever since the duo posted the picture on Instagram, it has been flooding the newsfeeds of social media users with different captions, surroundings, and some hilarious contexts. For fans and folks, the meme is a source of humor but for these football players, it can act as an NFT with the potential to offer them a revenue-generating source after their football career is over.

If not a meme then it’s just giving folks a place where they would love to photoshop themselves. For many it is difficult to believe that both rivals could ever team up for any such thing; this is the reason why the idea of the picture being edited is already getting traction on the internet.

What Are They Thinking Though?

The pictorial advertisement which is being dubbed as one of the iconic events in football history is already on its way to being the most viral content on social media. It is being posted and re-posted with many interesting captions like, who won the match? Or what are they thinking? One common caption shows that Ronaldo and Messi together represent two friends who over a cup of tea or out on a lunch date discuss their future or other business-related stuff.

The viral post is indeed something worth discussing but it also gives people a template to depict the situations of rivalry in different social contexts that may not be limited to sports only. For non-football fans, it is a canvass to create one of the hilarious FIFA World Cup 2022 memes. Meanwhile, the brands seem to be the biggest beneficiaries so far who can utilize the influence of both these stars by creatively editing this picture for the purpose of promotion.

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