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Teaser of Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan’s War Failes to Make Impression

The trailer for the movie war starring  Tiger Shroff and Hritik Roshan is out now. To all fairness, it doesn’t seem to be so impressive and has a déjà vu type of feeling. The movie is to be released on the second of October this year.

There Seems Nothing New about Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff Characters

The teaser shows an intense fight taking place between Tiger Shroff and Hritik Roshan at different intervals for reasons not known. Too many movies enthusiast the character played by the Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan have a seen type of feelings.

Looking at the characters and the way they interact with each other reminds many of Hobbs and Shaw, from the fast and the furious series played by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham with a hint of mission impossible.

What is going on, man?

 Furthermore, the teaser does not give the viewer the slightest idea of what the movie’s plot may be. The only thing a viewer can perceive from the teaser is that there’s a big feud between the two characters and whenever they meet all hell breaks lose between the two.

Hrithik and Tiger have both proven time and time again that they are outstanding actors who can do justice to the roles they play but we are unable to deduce what is so special about War that we might not have watched in Hollywood before.

Fans Reactions

 For critics, there is no end to the Hollywood analogies they can draw for this movie. Contrary to Tiger Shroff’s Student of the Year 2, the film’s teaser trailer has not faced that much backlash from fans.  But, for die-hard Hrithik Roshan fans, this action movie is nothing more than a treat. They can’t wait for the movie to get released

After watching the teaser, some fans got goosebumps, and they know that the action sequences in the film will be awesome. The only concern they have is regarding the release date which they hoped would be a holiday.

There was some prediction for the movie to be a hit.

For Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff fans who love their favorite actors in action-packed sequences, War might be a thing to watch but it all boils down to the story and the level of some ‘original’ created. Bollywood has already exhausted itself by copying and remaking the Hollywood hits.

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