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Brutal Tiger woods Accident Results In Severe Leg Injuries

The news about Tiger Woods Accident is going viral on social media. Woods who is a famous golf player was driving his SUV way too fast when his road trip turned into a nightmare. His car tripped and crashed on Tuesday in California, and got badly injured. Reportedly, Eldrick Tont, who is famously known as Tiger Woods had multiple leg injuries along with several bruises. 

Tiger Woods Accident Could have been more Severe

According to the county sheriff, the accident could have been much worse but the airbags helped in saving Tony’s life. As per his statement, the car’s interior and the body didn’t crash to the extent where it could have hurt the golfer badly. His seatbelt was one of the factors that kept him safe from the crash. However, the severity of the accident did play a part in damaging Wood’s legs. 

The supposed reason behind the Tiger Woods Accident was his unusual speed and allegedly rash driving. Apart from the details provided by the spectators, the sheriff said, Tiger was calm when the help approached him. 

How is Woods Doing After The Surgery? 

Tiger Woods hurt his right leg the most due to a major accident. He went into surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. As per his social media accounts, Tont had manifold open fractures, which means that his right leg’s bone was broken into more than just two pieces. Doctors had to put a rod inside his leg’s tibia in order to alleviate his broken leg. Besides, they also inserted screws in his foot and ankle for the same purpose. 

Despite the huge car crash, Eldric Tont has been doing fine besides the foot and leg condition. Although, the doctors presumably think that he will be fine in the future as he has no impairments or any injuries. 

Also, the spectator’s opinions convey that the driver should have followed the safety rules to avoid road accident

Barack Obama on Tiger Woods Accident

The former and 44th president of the United States Of America, Barack Obama also expressed his concerns over the Tiger Woods accident as well as his recovery. On Twitter, Obama prayed for Eldric and his family. He also stated that he wanted the golfer to be perfectly alright again since the golf world is incomplete without Tiger. 

Many social media users who admired Tiger’s way of playing golf, shared that the world couldn’t afford to lose more people like him. A few gave reference to the fact that 2020 took a lot from them including many popular celebrities who died in the previous year. Thus, the fans should not lose another good soul. 

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