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TikTok Video Hilariously Fact Checks Anti-Lockdown Protester’s Claims

TikTok video of hair growth calculation of Michigan woman protester after she claimed that she couldn’t get her hair dyed is going viral.


My math could be off because I actually used the average bass player’s pointer finger 🤷🏻‍♀️ #covid19 #quarantine #michigan #coronavirus #stayhome

♬ Viral tiktok Michigan coronavirus protestors roots – Rebecca

This video was posted one day ago and has recieved more than 60 thousand likes on TikTok only.

TikTok video was about a woman who took part in Michigan State protest against lockdown because she couldn’t dye her hair due to lockdown. An uber talented TikToker made a full calculation on average woman hair’s growth and compared it with lockdown days proving the protestror’s clams wrong

Michigan State is under lockdown since 24 March, 2020. Many protestors have disobeyed the government’s stay-at-home orders and flooded on streets.

Who Knew A TikTok Video with Such Complex Math Will Go Viral Too

People are stuck at home due to coronavirus as most of the businesses and educational institutions are closed down due to lockdown. Many institutions are also offering online classes which are not going really well. In fact these  online classes have turned out to be hilarious memes

Folks on internet are saying that this TikTok video shows how necessary it was for everyone to pay attention in mathematicsl class

Well, this fact check process was at a whole new level. No wonders why viewers are  recommending New Yoker news agency to hire this fact checker girl.

There was indeed a reason to find this funny and it was also surprising as well. Most of the TikTok videos go viral for their lighter tone like presence of comedy and music in the content; this was a unique case where a mathematical calculation went viral and off course it had reasons.

Internet is undefeatable

Criticism of Portester Woman

Not everyone just seemed in a mode to pass this TikTok video in joke. Some also criticized woman who didn’t dye her hair because of lockdown and used it as an excuse to demand a return to normalicy. They consider that it was  that it was not a good reason to break quarantine.

People are dying with coronavirus as it has reached every corner of Earth and hair dying is still most important for some people at this point

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