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New TikTok Music App Might Compete With Spotify Very Soon

TikTok is already a global trademark as millions of people across the world use the application to make videos and post them on multiple social media platforms. Right now, the recent discovery in the social media and music streaming world is the TikTok music app. Reportedly, TikTok’s parent company ByteDance filed a trademark application in May with the US Patent and Trademark Office. It looks like the video application is going to allow people to play and download songs through the new upcoming platform. 

Here is How the TikTok Music App Will Work 

As per the reports, the planned TikTok music app will work in the same manner as many other music streaming applications work. The filing said that the platform will allow users to purchase the subscription, play songs, download, and share them online. Furthermore, the application will allow users to create playlists and share them along with the comment feature that will help the users to share their opinions below the songs. Other than that, the platform might also be offering a premium live-streaming feature through which the users will be able to stream audio and videos. 

Is it Better Than the Resso App?

ByteDance is already an experienced company in terms of operating a music streaming platform. Before the TikTok music app plan, the company had already launched an application named Resso that has similar features. Resso was designed in a way that it encouraged people to listen to the full versions of the songs they were making videos on. Also, TikTok also played a valid role in making the app work fine. It helped by redirecting the users via showing links to the songs. However, the redirect button feature was only available in Brazil. Although, Resso was active in other countries too including India and Indonesia. The platform had one other feature that would allow it to let the Resso community interact with each other. 

The new TikTok music app might function the same way as the Resso but in other countries where the predecessor isn’t a viral application. 

Why is ByteDance Launching a New Music App?

As far as the success of Resso is concerned, the app has over 40 million monthly users across India, Brazil, and Indonesia, according to Nov 21 reports. The rate of followers is yet to reach a higher position. The question is why ByteDance is keen on launching a similar application. The new TikTok music app has even been given a name yet but the fuss is already too much. The parent company is competing with the competitors and thus aspiring towards advancements, reportedly. Previously, a new TikTok feature of longer videos was introduced to overcome the damage it took because of criticism on the short duration of the videos.  

It is still unsure whether the framework of the new streaming platform will be similar or entirely different from the previous one. The company hasn’t officially declared anything in this domain.  

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