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Viral TikTok Video Lands Apple Employee in Trouble                                                

American tech giant Apple has threatened to fire one of its employees, Paris Cambell, over a viral TikTok video. The footage showed Paris helping a TikTok user who lost her iPhone and received threatening messages. Working as a repair technician at Apple for the past 6 years, Paris guided the user to be strong as the iPhone’s control is in the owner’s hands. The video spread like wildfire within a day, scoring 5 million+ views. The company accused Paris of breaching its policies with disciplinary action that would lead to her termination.

Response to The Company’s Call over TikTok Video

Paris waited for the company to fire her, but no action was taken. After a week, she uploaded a video herself by the name “Dear Apple”. There, she identified herself as an Apple employee. She stated not to have barged any policies as Apple doesn’t demand a hidden identity of employees. The company requests respect for its growth which was not ruptured by any statement made by Paris in her TikTok video.

Support for Apple Employee

Well, things did not mess up outrageously for Paris. Thanks to her skills as a stand-up comedian since 2011, Paris has a vast number of followers on TikTok. Her fame is now an obstruction to her termination. Two well-known activists at Apple disclosed its confidential information leading to their dismissal. But, according to Paris, she didn’t leak any details in her TikTok video not known already to the world. In response to Paris’s video, Mark Rober, a YouTuber, broke his silence about his time spent at Apple. He brought to light the deal he made with Apple about his videos on YouTube. After all the agreements made, Apple didn’t permit him to appear on TV as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show which he regrets today. In other words, he lent his support to Paris and advised her to hold her ground.

Enhanced Popularity After The video

After the whole situation put Apple on the front line, the media approached Paris for an interview. According to her statement, employees work as a team and family, keeping the honour of the workplace in mind. The response of Apple to the TikTok video was dissimilar to this notion. Still, Paris stayed hopeful and stated to be in wait regarding her employment status.

Apple reportedly has not responded to the employee controversy yet. People wonder who would have been targeted if the user helped by Paris was molested further or shot to death by the thief. According to them, the security tips provided by Paris were a lifesaver.

Looking at the whole scenario, it seems like Apple has more areas of wonder instead of Paris. Let’s see whose fate takes a good lead!

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