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TikTok vs Snack Video – Why TikTok Users are Switching to Snack Video?

TikTok vs Snack Video is a recent debate among the users of video-making apps. Almost everyone would like to know the key differences between these two apps as an increasing number of TikTok users have been shifting towards Snack Video. Although it is similar to TikTok with an ability to record short videos, it offers something more. The app is already rated higher on Play Store at 4.5, whereas TikTok stands at 4.4. Interestingly, Snack Video is only available in 4 countries at the moment; Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand.

It is created by a Chinese company called Beijing Kuaishou Technology, which is backed by Tencent Holdings. The Chinese tech giant purchased Beijing Kuaishou in 2017 for 350 million USD which became 18 billion USD next year. The developer named Joyo Technologies is mentioned on the Play Store.

TikTok vs Snack Video – Similarity, Popularity, and User Preference

Creating a video is the same as TikTok but the duration is 57 seconds, which is 3s shorter than TikTok’s 1-minute video. However, users with big accounts or verified tags can even post 3-minute videos on it. Both apps offer group chats and allow users to add friends from their phone, email, or other social media platforms. There is also a content recommendation algorithm like TikTok, which shows similar videos to users based on their watch history.

It seems that the TikTok vs Snack Video battle is more than just getting famous. One may wonder if the experience is the same then why TikTokers are leaving for Snack Video. When it was partially banned in Pakistan, a large number of entertainers, actors, and media people flocked towards Snack Video including Minal Khan. However, it wasn’t the only reason.

Why Users are Redirecting from TikTok to the Alternative?

TikTok has enjoyed a super reign in Pakistan ever since it was made available in the country. It provided a great platform for aspiring content creators to gain recognition. TikTokers also get some opportunities to make money. The easiest method to make money on TikTok is to grow account with followers and then sell it. Another way is to work for brands as an influencer and get paid in return.

Companies approach TikTokers to use their followers base in order to increase visibility for their brand. Various challenges are there to allow users to earn gifts. If the user is a marketer, it can promote its products through Ads Platform and earn money without getting viral. Lastly, if the users reach 1000 followers, then the option to purchase coins becomes active. They can buy coins ranging from 1 USD to 240 USD, which can be converted to diamonds. Users can redeem the reward into cash to send gifts or to transfer it on Paypal, JazzCash, Easypaisa, or bank account.

All of this may sound tedious to some, which is why they were prone to get attracted to an app that provides relatively easy and attractive methods. The TikTok vs Snack Video competition also reflects that the latter is ruling the stage with a 35% to 7% monthly growth rate.

How to Make Money on Snack Video?

Unlike TikTok, Snack Video allows users to make money through live streaming as well. Viewers usually send gifts to the streamer, which they can withdraw after turning into gifts or money. Besides, when they invite their friends with a referral link, they and their friends who join Snack Video, also receive 500 PKR. This difference between the two was clearly better looking for an average user who could not earn money through getting 1000 followers or ads platform. Given the recent developments, the winner of TikTok vs Snack Video is clear.

It is important to mention that TikTok has also been offering its users to earn through referral code lately. Reportedly, inviting friends on TikTok will grant each person with 440 PKR. However, Snack Video’s earning system has shown more potential for a common content creator.

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