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TikToker Bhola Record Gets Arrested for Harassing Women

Lahore police recently arrested Nabeel Akram famous as Tiktoker Bhola Record, for allegedly raping and filming a girl. The Habib market police at Lahore lodged a case against the suspect under section 376. The complainant Shaista Talib filed an FIR against Nabeel in which she mentioned that he forced her to meet him and then raped her. On the other hand, the “Tu mere puttar chutti kar” meme creator denied all the allegations against him and presented his side of the story.  

The FIR against TikToker Bhola Record On Charges of Rape

According to the FIR lodged against Tiktoker Bhola record by Shaista Talib, the accused called her and summoned her to the Hilton hotel. On February 21, the alleged victim went to meet her and they stayed in room 503. As per the written statement, they kept on talking for some time and then he started misbehaving and sexually assaulting her. She stayed in the hotel room for a while and left. After 24 hours, she approached the police to take action against Bhola who allegedly assaulted her sexually..

Nabeel Akram Denies the Allegations

In a video with a media person, tiktoker Bhola record presented his stance that he didn’t attempt to rape the girl. Instead, she insisted on meeting with him. He also said that Shaista Talib was a famous popular person and then trapping them in scandals. He mentioned that Talib previously lured PTI representative Sheikh Rasheed into such a trap and tried to scandalize Mufti Qavi who was slapped by TikToker Hareem Shah. Other than that, Bhola mentioned that she came to take selfies with him and then left immediately after that. And 24 hours later, she filed a case against him. According to him, this is just an act to get cheap fame dragging Nabeel’s name through the mud. 

How People Are Reacting to This Situation?

Well, there are mixed reactions. The social media users are sharing images of TikToker Bhola record with other girls and even mentioning his previous notorious and viral acts to prove that he is guilty. Many are siding with Shaista Talib that the 24-year-old is right and Nabeel must have done the horrible deed. Despite the crucial and unsolved case, some people have taken the opportunity to troll Bhola through sharing memes.

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