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Pakistani TikToker Dolly Accused of Setting Margalla Hills on Fire

Famous Pakistani TikToker Dolly has sparked the ire of social media after performing in front of a wildfire raging across Margalla Hills forest in Islamabad. Multiple videos went viral on social media showing fire in the background as Dolly lip-synced different songs. People instantly accused her of setting the fire herself for followers and likes. They highlighted how her tone-deaf actions undermined the risk posed by climate change and heatwave. The social media star denied setting the fire.

The video shows Dolly modelling in front of a fire while the Coke Studio song ‘Pasoori’ plays in the background. The caption on TikTok read, “Fire erupts wherever I am”.

FIR Registered Against TikToker Dolly

Capital Development Authority (CDA) brought the complaint to the police, who filed a case against TikToker Dolly. According to FIR (First Information Report), CDA told the police that the forest was a part of Margalla Hills National Park, which has recently reported several wildfire incidents damaging the ecosystem. The FIR against Dolly has been filed under Forest Act 1927, Landscape Act 1966, Environment Protection Act 1927 and sections 188 and 425 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Wildlife officials demanded the government implement laws to protect the country’s woods in the light of the rising wildfire trend among TikTokers. They referenced how causing a wildfire in Australia meant lifetime imprisonment for the culprit.

Not an Isolated Event

TikToker Dolly is not the only one to be involved in such activity. Several young people of Pakistan desperate for followers and likes have committed arson for fame. A few days ago, 2 young boys set fire at Margalla Hills forest with a lighter for a TikTok video and laughed hysterically.

Earlier this month, another TikToker was arrested for the same thing.

Who is Dolly?

Nosheen Syed, aka Dolly, is one of the most famous TikTokers in Pakistan, with 11 million followers. She is a model and dancer on TikTok known for making lip-sync and dancing videos. She also appears in different promotional video shoots for brands.

It is not clear whether TikToker Dolly lighted the fire herself or just decided to monetize it. Another fact to note is that wildfires are usual in Pakistan between April and July. Intense temperatures, thunderstorms, and slash-and-burn agriculture are known causes of these fires.

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