Monday, December 11, 2023
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People Have Hilarious Takes on Tinder Ban in Pakistan

It seems like that PTA has banned the popular dating app Tinder from operating in Pakistan. Various social media posts suggest that the Tinder ban in the country has made Pakistanis unable to use this app. People are feeling bad for men who normally join the app to satiate their perverted desires. The app is rather romance-oriented which tries to encourage life partner selection through personal traits and preferences.

While the app is basically for everyone irrespective of gender, the patriarchal nature of Pakistani society makes it difficult for men to grasp why girls use Tinder (which is much ironic).

Tinder Ban Raises Concerns About The Feelings Of Pakistani Men

Some tinder users noticed that married men join the app for hook up but judge young girls for searching a life partner.

Maryumful poked fun at the greedy and vile men of Pakistan who are married but still keep hooking up with as many women as possible. Those type of men probably cried over this ban.

Some Tinder users outside Pakistan were also concerned about the amount of Pakistani men over there. A user from Jammu found that after increasing the search range for a bit.

Pakistan Had Low Quality Tinder Profiles

In Pakistan, dating apps were always criticized for amplifying fake profiles and catfish accounts. This prevented genuine people from meeting each other. Some opined that this ban was bound to happen as users kept on ending up with worst of all dates.

Tinder trolls were hit hard with the ban. They thought it as a discrimination against them. After all, they wouldn’t be able to fool people anymore.

People who are relieved with this ban often criticized the app for not being able to formulate a strategy against fake accounts. The ancient troll of “man behind a woman” is still lingering all over the internet.

At least few were happy that they found their soulmate well before PTA banned the app

People Wondering Why The App Was Banned

Few folks thought that PTA might have shut it down because it could have been used for other things than its supposed purpose. Some level of sexual activity or illegal drug deals could be possible via dating which might have led the government to stop people from having fun

Most Pakistanis feel that the government deliberately bans those apps that are increasingly getting used among Pakistanis. It also banned PUBG mobile game which enraged the tech lovers. One social media user was quick to judge that the government will launch its own dating app to cash in on the growing trend. That app will definitely involve strict nationalist guidelines.

Here’s another opinion on the matter; he trolled PTA for Tinder ban by judging the amount of attention their officials receive from women.

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