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What to Do After Tooth Extraction

Many people find the idea of tooth extraction too scary; they wish to not have one in their entire life. Teeth are the sensitive body parts, and one needs to take care of them. But such a need increases manifolds after a tooth extraction surgery that leaves socket in the gums. Further, improper handling of the space and the resulting sore can also impact the oral hygiene.

A person who has got his/ her tooth pulled out, must do the following things to avoid any severe repercussions.

Preventing Excessive Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

Post tooth extraction bleeding is an entirely typical phenomenon and usually persists till 24-48 hours. Dentist puts down the gauze pack on surgical site. One has to gently bite down the gauze to ensure that it is in its proper place. In case of too much active bleeding one has to do change the gauze after every 30-45 minutes. If the gauze is not comfortable enough, then moisten it with the tap water and reposition it.

Essential Precautionary Measures a Patient Should Take

An oral cavity after a freshly pulled out tooth requires more care as one after tooth scaling and root planing. One should make sure to not do the following things after 24 hours of tooth extraction.

  1. Don’t disturb the surgical site, by probing it. Make sure never to touch it with hands.
  2. Don’t rinse the teeth within 24 hours. Avoid brushing vigorously. Gently clean the teeth before going to bed.
  3. Start rinsing with the salt water solution after 24 have passed the surgery.
  4. Don’t consumer too hot food, or drinks like hot tea, coffee, and soup.
  5. Try not to spit too much, as it can cause excessive bleeding and prevents the clot formation.
  6. Try not to smoke within 24-48 hours of tooth surgery.
  7. Avoid doing extensive work, bending forward and lifting the heavyweight.

Tooth Extraction

Treating the Swelling

Swelling up of the mouth after tooth extraction is also very common and there is nothing much to worry about it. One is likely to experience a maximum swelling after 2-3 days. One can use the ice-packs to reduce the swelling. Swelled up portions shouldn’t be exposed to the ice packs for more than 20 minutes at one time. A better approach is to reduce the swelling is to use the medicines as directed by the doctors.

Taking Sufficient Rest

Patients should make sure to take sufficient rest and not too engage in some heavy work if they want to get healed earlier. It is better not to work at all and take the bed rest. While lying on the bed, one should ensure keeping the position of head higher than heart by utilizing two pillows.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

There is a great need to take care of oral hygiene after a tooth extraction surgery. One must clean the teeth after eating anything while ensuring a minimal interaction with the surgical area. Apart from gentle brushing, one should also make rinsing with salt water a habit. The saltwater solution should contain one tablespoon of salt in 8 oozes of water. One can start rinsing after 24 hours of the surgery.

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