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Tony Bennett Net Worth- How Much Money the Singer Owns

Tony Bennett, the famous singer of 50s and 60s, has ruled the hearts of music lover for decades. His work as singer, songwriter, and painter has inspired the generations. 91-year-old Bennett might have not much new to impress the youngsters, but his previous work continues to remain worth identifying with for many music lovers out there. Given his massive contribution to the music and arts, fans can expect Tony Bennett net worth cross hundred million dollars mark.

It is evident that showbiz celebrities like singers and actors earn more than motivational speakers, scientists, and other professionals. The fact reflects well in the form of Michio Kaku net worth.

Despite such a clear-cut indication of who can earn what, there is still a point of peeking into Tony Bennett net worth- for an apparent reason of knowing how much a singer who rose to prominence in the 50s and 60s might have earned. Or, where does his financial status stand?

What is Tony Bennett Net Worth?

As mentioned above Tony Bennett Net Worth has crossed 100 million dollar mark as it stands at $110 million. I Left My Heart in San Francisco singer has indeed earned a considerable sum of money sufficient enough for him to live a luxurious life in his 90s. No doubt that making a name as a singer in the 21st century might have been difficult for Bonnet despite all his skill and talent, due to increased competition. The further popularity of streaming media which reflected well in Grammy Awards nominees of 2018 has also changed the rules of the game up to some extent.

Tony Bennett Biography

Birth name of Tony Bennett is Anthony Dominick Benedetto. He was born on April 3, 1926, in Astoria, Queens, New York. Tony’s father Jon Benedetto who was a grocer died when he was ten years old. Tony spent his childhood in poverty coupled up with Great Depression. He developed his interest in arts in early age due to the encouragement of his father. One of the childhood experiences of Tony Bennett was to sing at the opening of Triborough Bridge while standing next to the mayor and receiving a pat from him.

Tony Bennett Net WorthAccording to available resources, Tony Bennett had also fought the World War II for a brief period. He was drafted when the war was about to end.

Tony Bennett Wives and Children

Tony Bennett married his wife Patricia Beech in 1952. The couple had reportedly separated from each other in 1965. Hence, the first marriage of Bennett ended in divorce in 1971. Bennett, then married a Hollywood actress Sandra Grant in 1971. Sandra was also famous for Joe DiMaggio, the ex-husband of Marilyn Monroe, the inspirational actress recognized as a sex symbol. Reports suggested that Sandra and Bennett also got separated by 1979, but their marriage ended in divorce in 2007.

Bennet is now married to Susan Crow.

Tony Bennet has four children including Danny Bennett and Antonia Bennett. His oldest sons Danny and Daegal Bennett from his first wife, Patricia Beech.

What Contributed to Tony Bennett Net Worth?

Throughout his life, Bennett produced almost 70 music albums and gave 30 singles. His most significant hits came in the 1950s.

A number of things contribute to Tony Bennett Net Worth. The singer who won twenty Grammy Awards including Grammy Awards for Life Time Achievement was also a musician painter and a writer. It is not his song I Left My Heart in San Francisco that turned him into heartthrob of music buffs in the 1960s and 1970s. The singer has many music chart-toppers on his credit.  According to estimates Bennett has successfully sold more than 50 million copies of his records.

Tony’s first hit ballad was ‘Because of You,’ and it remained top on the chart for ten weeks and got sold in millions. His other hits included Cold, Cold Heart, and Blue Velvet. After these three hits came to the Rags to Riches and Stranger in Paradise that kick-started Tony’s international career as his song Rags to Riches became popular in the UK as well.  An era of Rock n Roll began in 1955 and, things became difficult for pop singers. But, Bennet managed to adjust according to the changing dynamics and succeeded in giving 9 songs for the top 40 on the chart.

Cloud 7, the first album of Bennet inclined Jazz, but the next album The Beat of My Heart had all such songs.

Tony Bennet Books

Many fewer people know the Bennett had successfully authored several books on the subjects of music and art. Therefore, a good part of Tony Bennet Net Worth must have come from his books.  His notable literary work includes What My Heart Has Seen, his autobiography, The Good Life and Tony Bennet in the Studio: A Life of Art and Music.

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