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“Brexiteers Are Laying Down A Trap”, Says Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair

Britain’s ex-prime minister Tony Blair while giving at a government institute pointed out how Brexit would affect the country and what steps are needed to be taken by various parties to minimize its adverse effects.

Tony Blair Asks Parties to Unite and Move Forward

Over the past few weeks, there is a growing urge amongst parties to pass a vote of no confidence against the ruling leadership pave the way for a general election. While giving his keynote speech at the institute of government, Britain’s ex-prime minister pointed out that the no-deal Brexiteers had laid down an elephant trap that other parties needed to foresee.” We need to address the Brexit issues first and then proceed toward other democratic processes” he emphasized

All democratic processes are indeed carried forward or rejected on the basis of a vote. This wasn’t the case when Tony Blair plunged the country into a losing war or opened the gates to uncontrolled immigration.

Your Poor Decision Have Cost US Enough Already 

Even though the comments Blair passed on Brexit were excellent nobody wanted to listen to him. Blair’s poor decision as the head of state has already landed Britain in to sass pool of troubles

While Others Had This To Say

The former British prime minister has been accused of committing many crimes against humanity by various local and anti-war activist but has been acquitted. For some, the acquittal carries no weight and under any condition will not accept his council on any matter.

There is also a feeling that if Tony is eager to stop Brexit from occurring by all means here’s where should start and work his way forward.

Corbyn and Blair are classic examples of incompetency say some who cannot cooperate on anything.

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