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Top 10 Best Freelancing Sites of 2018

One of the significant benefits of the tech-powered economy is that it has created jobs that one can accomplish from the comfort of home. It has given birth to the terms like freelancing which proves a fresh blow of breeze for those who want to work for flexible hours. It is again the technology that has offered the platforms where employers can outsource talent and employees can find their jobs. The problem is that it has become almost tricky for users to sort of best freelancing sites, out of many available platforms.

Getting access to the best website is not a big deal. One should evaluate a freelancing platform on parameters, like how much it is secure, how easy it is to find resource or job on it and how much customer support does this platform has to offer.

Top 10 Best Freelancing Sites of 2018

Given such parameters and general popularity among the users, we have sorted out few freelancing websites that might appeal to the interest of wanna be freelancers out there are capable of fulfilling a need. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Freelancing Sites

  1. has become a significant marketplace for employees working from home. Initially known as GAF (Get a Freelancer), it expanded at a rapid pace by acquiring all the freelancing platforms of that time. Now it has become a quick answer of how to make money online.

Usually, analysts keep Freelancer on second position. But, these are the features like customer support service and simple user’s interface that make a choice of millions.

  1. Upwork

Upwork which was previously known as Elance and oDesk has now probably become the largest marketplace for the freelancers: a reason why analysts often keep it on first place. According to available data Upwork has more than 4million clients. It is also famous with millions of small businesses: a reason why it is one of the best freelancing sites.

  1. Guru

Guru has got simple to use tools for freelancers. It is accessible to the higher talent on this platform as not much hassle is involved.  It is comparatively smaller marketplace as compared to its competitors, but these are its lucrative features that make it occupy the top slots.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr has come up with a unique strategy to grab its share of the market. It allows employers to look for talent that offers them a work for $5. Well, this amount is minimum and subject to increase. It gives people an edge to find the right person for the right job that too for the right amount.

One disadvantage of Fiverr is that it may charge fees higher than some other platforms. But at the same times, it allows outsourcing and getting work, without paying much for a membership, something that workers need to do for other platforms.

  1. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is somehow more like Fiverr as it allows workers to list down their per hour prices. But it offers the work from diverse categories that include the field of writing, video editing, web development, programming and many. It is another option that students can explore as part-time opportunities during their studies.

Workforce that finds it difficult to approach the right kind of employers on larger platforms, as they are overcrowded, can look to alternative like PeoplePerHour.

  1. iWriter

iWriter is one of the best freelancing sites for the writers, because it is only dedicated to them. Job seekers might face competition on iWriter, but at the end, they succeed in getting some work. Issue with largest websites like and Upwork is that they offer work in diverse categories. Consequently, for different job seekers, it becomes difficult to find tasks that relate to their field of interest. Therefore, writers who log on to and become frustrated when they see available projects for other fields, can move to the Writer.

  1. ConstantContent

ConstantContent is another dedicated platform for writers. It is the optimum choice for those writers who want to start a professional career in the same field. The website has specially designed tests. In order to be a member one needs to pass those test. As the members of ConstantContent have already proven their skill and efficiency through these tests, they become eligible for tasks that have high rates.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not exactly for a platform of freelancers. But it has got specific features that do help in a job hunt. Making a good profile on LinkedIn and siting one’s skills in an elaborative manner, allows for attracting the employers. In fact, LinkedIn helps to connect the like-minded professionals.

  1. 99Designs

99Designs is one of the best freelancing sites of 2018 for its innovative strategy. The platform gives employers an edge as they can get one of the best logo for their business. They can choose the best from different entries. As a result of contest, winning entry receives a prize which is often more than market rate for that task.

  1. HubStaff

HubStaff is one of the growing marketplaces for freelancers because it is free. Yes, you heard it right. While most of the freelancing websites charge a cost at some stage, HubStaff offers an opportunity to start a career without charging any fee.

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