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Top 10 Different Languages Spoken in the World

The world is full of different cultures, tongues, and heritage. However, when it comes to the top languages spoken worldwide, some countries or regions take the lead. There is an extensive list of languages commonly spoken in the world. Around 100 different languages dominate the conversations world over.

List of Top Different Languages Spoken in the World


Chinese is the most widely spoken lingo. There are around 1.2 billion people who speak Chinese. There are many dialects of Chinese. However, most of the population speaks the Mandarin. Therefore, around one in every six people in the world speaks Mandarin.


There is a common belief that English comes in the third place as one of the most spoken languages in the world. South American and Central American countries speak Spanish. Similarly, a lot of people in the US also talk in Spanish. Estimates suggest around 470 million people around the world who converse in Spanish.  


Around 360 to 400 million people speak English. There are so many reasons for English to have been third on this list. The colonial rule of the British spread it to all corners of the world. Most of the world’s knowledge also exists in this tongue. Similarly, Hollywood also spreads it through its blockbusters each year.


Around 350 million people in India and other places of the world speak Hindi. It is rich with words coming from several different languages including English, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, and Person. It is also officially in use for correspondence by Indian Government offices.


The entire Arab world speaks Arabic. Some estimates suggest that around 290 to 340 million people speak Arabic. Arabic had a significant influence on different languages like English, Baluchi, Gujarati, Urdu, Swahili, and Uzbek among others.

Top 10 Different Languages Spoken in the WorldPortuguese

There are estimates which suggest around 215 million people speak Portuguese. Besides Portugal, many in Brazil also talk in Portuguese. There are many other countries where people use Portuguese to communicate with each other.


There are approximately 220 million individuals who speak the Bengali language. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh uses it as its official correspondence. Therefore, the increasing population of Bangladesh makes this tongue as the seventh most spoken in the world.


Estimates suggest 150 to 200 million speak Russian. Some of the countries that speak this tongue include Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Furthermore, it consists of hard and soft sounds. Therefore, whenever someone is talking in Russian, you can easily identify.


Linguistic experts believe around 125 million people in the world speak Japanese. The primary speakers of this lingo exist in Japan. However, it has some close resemblance with Altaic and Korean.


Punjabi speaking people are spread across the world. Although, the language primarily originates from the province of Punjab now divided between India and Pakistan. Furthermore, over 100 million people around the world converse in Punjabi. It is the most widely spoken language in Pakistan.

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