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Top 5 Epic Title Tracks of Pakistani Dramas You Must Listen

Today we are going to discuss the most important part of our drama and music industry that is almost neglected but has equal importance as the story or the cast of Pakistani Dramas! Exactly I am talking about the epic title tracks which are the most important part of a Pakistani drama!

Top Five Latest Title Tracks From Pakistani Dramas

Here is my list of top five title tracks from the Pakistani dramas which are actually the game-changing and standard raising tracks!

1. Baaghi By Shuja Haidar

This track literally has the heart of all the Pakistanis out there. Not only the beautiful voice of Shuja Haider has made this one the most exclusive track but the relevance of the lyrics with the drama will make you feel all the lyrics as well. The soul enriching track simply seems well synchronized with the story plot.

2. Dil Mom Ka Dia By Adnan Dhool And Sanam Marvi

This track is very close to my heart, in fact, dil mom ka dia is a complete package when it comes to the title track, story, characters everything is so perfect. The tracks has released just a few weeks ago. The soulful and the sad combination of Soch and Sanam Marvi will make you think that you have entered another world!

3. Yeh Raha Dil By Atif Ali and Samra Khan

Now for all those who like to listen to the romantic and sad song with the slow genre, this is the best track. This track is the mixture of all the emotions one could feel in love. Hence it easily qualifies to be the perfect OST for a Pakistani drama.

4. Pukaar By Shuja Haider

Well, this track is the most amazing one with the voice of Shuja and the composition one of the most liked title tracks and amazing drama was on aired by Ary Digital. Though it didn’t get the response it actually deserved!


5. Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Kerta Hy By Mehar Bano

Mehar Bano is a new and brilliant voice of Pakistan, there are many singers which sang the beautiful title tracks in Pakistani dramas but they never got the recognition. The soulful voice of this female singer is worth listening! in my list, this title track is the fifth title track that anyone would love to listen.

This was the list of title tracks from the Pakistani dramas which are worth listening and I think the way our industry is grooming one day these tracks will become the trendsetting point for all other industries as well!

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