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Top 5 Safest Cities In the World According to Latest Ranking

Safety has become a paramount concern of citizens given the rise in terrorism at international level. Tourists make sure that places they are visiting are safe enough for them to explore. Even immigrants and businesspersons take into account different factors before moving to a country. It is interesting to note that top ranking safest cities in the world include urban hubs which have low crime rates.

While Many famous countries in Europe and America have not made even closer to the top, the list of top 5 safest cities in the world includes some international business and tourist hubs.

Safest cities in the World

Economist conducted an NEC sponsored survey of 60 countries to determine the most safest them. It used 49 indicators of different aspects of security to come up with a score out of 100. The index thus brought a list of the top 60 safest countries in the world. Broadly, it measured the safety on the basis of street crimes, cyber attacks, infrastructure security and terrorism etc. So, it took into account how safe it was for the people to live in the digital space as well as the real world, in term of ease, comfort level and security.

Let’s have a look at the list of top 5.

  1. Tokyo

Tokyo, the international business hub surprisingly stands first in the list. It is interesting that may pe helpople might not consider Japan’s capital safe due to earthquakes it has to face. Well, the city has a robust mechanism to cope with such things.

According to the index, Tokyo ranks first on digital security ranking, fourth on personal security ranking, second on health security ranking and twelve on infrastructure ranking.

2. Singapore

The city remained in headlines for Trump Kim summit recently. It is second in the list of safest cities as it has an overall score of 89.64. It ranks on number 1 on personal security, number 13 on health security and 1 on infrastructure.

3. Osaka

Here comes another city from Japan. It has an overall score of 88.87. It has a personal security ranking of 2, digital security ranking of 14, health security ranking of 1 and infrastructure security ranking of 11.

4. Toronto

Canada is a country famous for promoting diversity, so it is unlikely for any of its cities to not make to the list. According to the Index, Toronto has an overall score of 87.34, personal security ranking of 5, digital security ranking of 6, health security ranking of 11 and infrastructure security ranking of 14.

5. Melbourne

This Australian city has an overall score of 87.3. It has a personal security ranking of 8, digital security ranking of 11, healthy security ranking of 9 and infrastructure security ranking of 7.

Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Zurich are the cities that occupy the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th position in the list.

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