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8 Best Blog Sites For Writers Which Are Easy to Use

Thanks to the scores of blogging websites out there that writers now have a platform to express their opinion. Apart from sharing thoughts on different matters in a well-articulated manner, freelance journalists and writers also get an opportunity to earn income through online portals. Most of the best blog sites for writers bridge the link between writers and audience. Usually, freelance writers look for blogs and websites that need their content. Or briefly, they work for other clients to earn money rather than building their online presence through already available sites.

Best Blog Sites for Writers

Starting a blog is one of the best small business ideas for newbies, who are also familiar with the art of writing.

To guide such aspirants, we have compiled the list of the best blog sites for writers.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular writing platform out there. It’s easy to use, and customizable features give writers an edge to make changes according to their preferences. Beginners who might not know much about backend customization may feel a degree of difficulty. They can utilize different free and paid versions to get the design and user interface of their choice.

A knowledge of ways to increase blog outreach can also be helpful in promotion and expansion a blog.

  1. Ghost

As an open source blogging platform, Ghost is equally favorite among beginner as well as professionals. The best thing about Ghost is that it offers a simple user interface. Writers don’t need to refresh the page for previewing their work. Instead, they can preview what they can simultaneously preview their work.

Best Blog Sites For Writers

  1. Medium

This blogging platform comes up to its name. Writers, genuinely concerned about conveying their unique ideas to the masses must try out this platform. Blogging on the platform doesn’t require any customization. From domain hosting to design, everything is under the control of Medium. Famous and talented writers who know how to carve out the words in a way that they spread the ideas to a targeted audience, must utilize medium. The platform is free and requires signing out through a social media platform.

Those who already have a niche can find Medium a reliable platform. Well, newbies who still need to master their craft can learn how to improve writing skills and before making their way to Medium.

  1. Wix

Famous as an e-commerce platform Wix is also one of the worth considering blog sites for writers, particularly those who know HTML5. Its smooth drag and drop system allows users to customize their blog to suit the ease. Further, users can also benefit from more than 500 already available designs, along with 1 GB of bandwidth.

To avail more features, writers can also switch to a premium plan.

  1. Blogger

Blogger should better be termed as beginners’ heaven for it is a perfect platform for newbies. Those who want to master the art of writing and have a grip on it should better start from blogger. Further, writing of blogs on this website also gives them an edge to reach out a bigger audience. In fact, Blogger is more like a social media platform where writers share their ideas and opinions in the form of their write-up. Such ideas encompass a diverse range of subjects. Therefore, they give rise to debate due to discussions in the comment box. Apart from providing access to the audience, Blogger also proves to be a learning platform for writers as well.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is blogging as well as a social media platform; a feature that makes it unique among all the blog sites for writers.  Its active community of users serves the perfect audience for writers. Even, many companies and businesses also keep their dedicated community blogs on Tumblr. Young writers who want attention for their unique ideas and want people to start a debate on what they have in their minds must consider blogging on Tumblr. Another unique feature of Tumblr is that it allows customization with the help of mobile apps as well.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best blog sites for writers who want to spread words about leadership, latest technological trends, businesses, corporate culture and where the world is going. Writers with a robust Network of contacts must utilize this platform. LinkedIn, in fact, works more like Medium. It doesn’t allow customization and also controls the publications. But, it is an easy to use platform for newbies who want to see their work on a website and for the professionals who want to keep their contacts engaged with insights they have to offer.

  1. Squarespace

Not all the writers seem interested in getting work form freelancing websites. They can start their venture on SquareSpace. The platform is simple and easy to use. A subscription allows users to have their domain name. Further, some designs and plug-in extensions are available on this platform. It is one of the best blog sites for writers, as it allows easy publishing of content through simple interface and design.

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