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Top Android Productivity Apps to Accomplish More

We have to accomplish many tasks each day to consider ourselves productive. There is so much to do, and we are always short of time.  The amount of information overload with increased expectations makes it difficult to balance priorities in life. We live in busy times when everyone is trying to get more out of their day. Thus, the need for the tools to help us become more productive and accomplish more significant things. These Android productivity apps will help you achieve more each day.

Best Android Productivity Apps

Let us have a look at the top Android productivity apps that you can use to get the most of your day. There is no order to the list, as everyone has their preferences aligned as per their needs.


Information overload is not just a thing any more; it does exist. The long unending list of house chores, office work and socializing makes it challenging to keep track of everything. There are different Android productivity apps to help you accomplish tasks. Evernote lets you save all the valuable information in one place. Above all, the sync with all devices makes it easy to manage data scattered at different devices.

So you find everything in one central place without the need for keeping track of everything on every device. You can quickly take notes, search through tasks, and collaborate across multiple devices. The simple design makes it easy on eyes to navigate with add-ons for scanning documents.

Microsoft Apps for Android  

The Microsoft Apps are for those Android users who frequently use Windows OS. There is a bouquet of mobile applications to enhance your productivity like Word, Excel, OneNote, Cortana, and Outlook. You get one cohesive experience to get all the utility you desire. These Android productivity apps work like the Microsoft Remote Desktop for remote access.

Install Microsoft Apps for Android to get an overview of all Microsoft applications on Google Play Store. For example, the OneDrive users gain unbridled access to all data in one unified sync. You can segregate personal and work files with ease. The photo handling ability lets you easily upload images using your camera.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The PDF file format is omnipresent in everyday life. There are all kinds of documents that we receive and send in the PDF file format. What better way of handling PDFs then using the Adobe Acrobat Reader official app. The application comes with many useful features. You can use it to view the PDF documents on the web, zoom in & out, and add comments.

Adobe Acrobat Reader app comes in handy when you need to send signed documents. Similarly, the app empowers you to fill PDF forms and e-sign documents with your fingers. The application also lets you create a free account on Adobe Document Cloud for managing documents online.

Gyst – One of the Best Android Productivity Apps for Managing SMS

We all send and receive so many texts each day communicating with friends, family, and office. There is always this underlying feeling that somehow someone should have made a text management app. A magical pill which would take everything from the SMSs and fix our to-do lists. Well, if you juggle between lots of texts, your prayers have been answered.

Gyst is one of those Android productivity apps that lets you organize the text messages and integrate them with events in the calendars. So, you do not need to dive into hundreds of SMSs to retrieve that critical text message. Set priority flags for those essential texts that you cannot afford to misplace. You can also connect SMSs with tasks that you need to accomplish.


CamScanner is one of the handy Android productivity apps for scanning documents. You do not need a scanner to scan documents. The CamScanner makes it super-easy to scan and send documents on the go. There are different scanning options available to use. You can send scanned documents in PDF and JPG formats. The camera automatically captures the document, separating it from the background.

The smart CamScanner app automatically crops the side areas with suggestions. You can drag the sides to fix the document before cropping it to your requirements. It is quick, making your life easy, and adding to your productivity.


Countless applications are available, claiming to help you better manage the day-to-day life. Only a few become so popular that a lot of people install and use them. DropTask is one such mobile application that has revisited its interface, making it super friendly. The use of a mind-mapping style makes it easy to remember and handle everything.

Instead of going through long lists and perpetual calendars, it helps you visualize everything in one easy to access space. The integration helps you know the connections between different projects, taking out the micro-management and regular updating.


Everything is in the cloud, and most of us rely on these services to store data. However, it can become overwhelming to find the files in cloud with so much data to search through. Unclouded comes to your rescue with a single place to explore all your data in the cloud.

One search for all files helps you search everything as it seamlessly connects with all the cloud services you are using. Unclouded helps you quickly organize all the data in the cloud. There many useful tools that help you overcome duplicate data files and edit their contents. Similarly, you can also use the Unclouded app in offline mode.

Accomplish More With These Ten Android Productivity Apps


Trello is one of the free Android mobile apps for individuals who like to collaborate and work better. The Kaban-style layout makes everything easy to see. Each card represents a particular task. One board includes an extensive list of things to do. The categorization in to “do,” “doing,” and “done” makes it simple and straightforward to handle different tasks.

When you assign a card to a task, it goes into the to-do list. You can move the to-do cards into the “done” column once the jobs are complete. The idea behind the Kaban-style visual appearance is to break down more complex goals into straightforward works, making it easy to achieve them.


Did you always wish to send SMS using your computer? Wouldn’t a PC person love to see all their smartphone notifications on their computer? Well, fear not, Pushbullet is an Android productivity app that can make your life easy. You can seamlessly connect all your devices using Pushbullet.  You will be able to see notifications on all devices including desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

There is a slight hitch for the Google Hangout users. If you want to get Hangout notifications via Pushbullet, you will have to install Android Wear application on your smartphone. There is also the option of muting some of the notifications, in case you feel overwhelmed. The drag and drop feature lets you quickly share files on your desktop.


1Weather offers a neat and tidy interface, making it a lovely experience watching the weather forecasts. You can set weather alerts to know in advance if you need to prepare yourself for any change in elements. The app gives you an extended 12 weeks’ weather prediction forecast. So when you make your travel plans, you know what to expect from the weather.

You can simultaneously track weather of 12 different locations around the world. The application also gives you hourly predictions for the next 48 hours. It is also useful for people organizing outdoor events, always worried how the weather might turn out.

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