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Top 10 Best Comedy Movies 2017

This list of 2017 comedy films contains hilarious movies of the year. Check out the best comedy movies 2017 you need to watch.

Best Comedy Movies 2017

Here is our list of 2017 comedy movies.

Girls Trip

Four girls, Lisa, Dina, Ryan, and Sasha, reunite to set for an adventure of a lifetime to New Orleans. The four discover a sisterhood among themselves. They are on a mission to seek fun dancing, romancing, and brawling. Despite the girls indulging in rowdy behavior, they still manage to keep things funny. We see a lot of comedy films with parties, but it takes a lot of creativity to keep things moving in the right direction.

The Big Sick

The Big Sick revolves around the true story of a Pakistani-American standup comedian Kumail Nanjiani. The movie makes it to the top of the comedy movies 2017 list. Nanjiani who has a typical conservative Pakistani background comes from a family preferring arranged marriage. He has to fight out the usual arranged marriage vs love marriage fight to get to his soul mate. The story chronicles the life struggles of Kumail Nanjiani and the challenges he has to overcome in managing relationships.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

The movie, set in old times, looks at a slightly simple interaction among its characters. The situational drama of Ruth Kimke’s house getting broken into makes it one of the best funny movies. The movie portrays a comic climax with the usual satisfying end of the typical film from the 1990s. Ruth plays a fantastic role leading the entire film from start to end with comic zeal.

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is one of the new comedy movies that have a different plot. Two brothers get together, attempting to break into Charlotte Motor Speedway. The film consists of funny banters with amazingly absurd suspense sequences. The dumbfounded characters keep the interest of the audiences alive. Despite some parts needing more detail, the movie provides good overall entertainment.


Millennials who miss the good old days of the telephone will love Landline. It makes up for one of the best English comedy movies for 2017 for its early setting in 1995. The makers of the film talk about communication or the lack of it and how it creates misunderstandings among family members. The film contains many humorous twists and turns to keep the audiences on the edges of their seats.

The Incredible Jessica James

The Incredible Jessica James also makes it to the comedy movies 2017 list. It is a story about a playwright in her twenties, dwelling in New York. She is trying her best to overcome the shock of her breakup with her boyfriend somehow. To overcome her breakup anxiety and depression, she decides to hook up with Boone. Boone is another exciting character going through a recent breakup. They team up to somehow fight through the tough times in their lives.

comedy movies 2017The Lego Batman Movie

If Batman was not enough for the fans, The Lego Batman Movie takes it to a whole different league. The sequences, funny voice and perfectly timed comics make it to the top of comedy movies 2017 list. The gags and humorous allusions fill the gap for keeping the audiences engaged. The Lego Batman Movie sets the tone from the outset and makes other Lego movies run for their money.


Baywatch, a familiar brand name from the 90s, given to the new movie. It tells the story of a lifeguard, who like much of the TV shows spends his time-fighting beach crimes. The entry of the new watchers makes the plot more interesting. These new aspiring watchers want to become part of Mitch Buchanan to fight the crimes.

The Trip to Spain

The “Trip” to Spain is an extension of the trip related movies starring two male companions. The duo goes to different countries around the world and experiences their cultures. Brydon and Coogan go to foreign sites, taste new dishes, and collect info to write newspaper pieces. The two differ in personalities but still make an excellent combo for putting smiles on people’s faces.

Get Out

We all know the challenges of interracial relationships and how race somehow creeps in to spoil the love. Rose and Chris also find themselves going through the same kind of struggle. Chris goes over to Rose’s house to spend a weekend with her overly welcoming family. However, as the time progresses he finds out more shocking truths he could not have imagined.

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