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The New Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Has Fans All Excited

The trailer of Tom Cruise’s much-anticipated film Top Gun: Maverick is finally out. It is so exciting that fans can’t seem to wait for the film’s release.

What Is The New Top Gun: Maverick Show

Top Gun had come out in 1986 and became an instant success. It propelled Tom’s career to a high and made him into a superstar. The trailer shows an old maverick who is still cocky dangerous and obsessed with flying. For some reason, despite having so much experience and skill, he is still a captain who repeatedly refuses to take the promotions or retire.

Top Gun: Maverick is currently in production phase and it will hit the cinema screen in 2020

A Film that Was Intended to Make As Realistic As Possible

While talking to his fans at comic-conn, the veteran star stated that  Top Gun has always been very close to his heart, and he wanted to keep the originality of the film while at the same time bringing something new to the fans.

“As this movie is all about aviation and so I wanted to give my fans a chance to experience a realistic experience as possible. Everything in the movie from the flying to the navel activities is real. We have worked closely with the navy and air force to make the movie realistic as possible” he added

Fans Reaction to Trailer

After watching the trailer, fans are feeling emotional and nostalgic. They can’t get enough of it and all ready to buy a ticket in advance to watch the movie.

While others apparently lost bladder control after watching the action-packed trailer.

In the old Top Gun movie, the beach volleyball scene is considered to be one of the most iconic and fan-favorite scenes. Some fans are eager to watch the scene again in the new top gun movie.

The realistic fans think that it’s too early to get excited and are cautioning fans not to go overboard with their expectation as time and preference have changed.

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