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Here Are Top 5 New Year 2018 Celebrations around the Globe

New Year celebrations make the countries of the world enter another era in unison. The jubilant fireworks on famous locations, offer a worth seeing spectacle to onlookers. The New Year 2018 celebrations presented some of the breathtaking scenes that remained inscribed on the memories of those who witnessed them live.

Different people have their ways to welcome the New Year. Few remain glued to the couch, watch a movie or read a book while munching on snacks; many prefer to enjoy a good sleep; while a majority of them wants to be amidst the crowd, lights, and fireworks.

Here are the top few New Year 2018 celebrations that depict.

1. Dubai

Dubai is the most popular venue for crazy New Year celebrations. It is already January 2, and Burj Khalifa is still enchanting the onlookers, with its fascinating light show. The Gulf state boosts it’s New Year 2018 celebrations by making a World Record for the most significant light and sound show on a single building. Dubai inevitably chose a unique way for this year’s festival.  The show is expected to continue until 6 January. The crowd would be able to watch the light-soaked Burj Khalifa at 8 PM to 10 PM on the night, during the celebrations.

2. London

UK’s New Year Celebrations are incomplete without any fireworks display at London Eye and historical Big Ben. The famous clock tower strikes the 12 and crowd cheers start competing with thrilling waves of river Thames. New Year 2018 Celebrations in London were exciting like those of previous years. Crowd, music, firecrackers, boat rides, and all the eyes looking at the Big Ben made the event special.

3. New Year 2018 Celebrations Began with Ball Drop at Times Square

All the countries of the world don’t enter in New Year at the same time. Still, there are specific events that mark the iconic beginning of another year. One such is the ball drop at Times Square. Despite the chilling weather conditions and cold, New Yorkers were jubilant enough to celebrate the New Year with great zeal. Fireworks, ball drop, sailing in river Hudson and partying in the nearby clubs, makes the Times Square a hub of one million people on New Year’s Eve. Apart from Times Square, Pasadena, California also offers a unique way of stepping into another year, in the form of iconic Rose Bowl Parade.

4. Sydney Australia

Building and beaches in Australia didn’t remain behind in marking the New Year 2018 Celebrations. Fireworks at Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and shores of the country attracted a massive crowd to the venue. The video depicts a sea of illuminating lights, glitters, and music that kept Australia alive at this time of the night.

5. Rio de Janeiro Beach, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro usually doesn’t get to the limelight for New Year’s Eve. But, the venue is the heartthrob of the people who love to party in a unique style. A cheering crowd, a dazzling display of fireworks, dance with heartthrobs and loud music made Rio de Janeiro to occupy the fifth slot in the list of the top New Year 2018 celebrations.

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