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Top 6 News Aggregator Apps to Keep You Updated

Now a day’s people no more remain glued to the TV screens for hearing the breaking news. They want to stay updated with the latest knowledge by tapping their fingers on that six inches wide screen that remains in their hands for most of the times. They also don’t want to stay limited to the narrative of one particular news channel. Instead, they want to come across different opinions and versatile stuff from various resources. One single news channel that usually caters to a specific agenda is not enough to appease to the interest of the user. Therefore, the news aggregator apps prove to be the perfect solution for providing news in this smartphone-dominated era.

Now when the social media is a hotbed of fake news one can’t just trust the Facebook and Twitter newsfeed as a source of information.

Top News Aggregator Apps

So, let’s have a look at the apps that can bring the truth and ultimate entertainment for the users. These apps combine the news from all those resources that a user likes to visit. These resources can include social media as well as trusted news outlets.

  1. Pocket

It is better to say pocket as the mother of all news aggregator apps due to its integration with hundreds of third-party apps. The pocket is perfect for those who don’t want to miss on their favorite articles despite moving from place to place. This app helps to store the news articles and makes them available for reading whenever possible. The stunning feature of Pocket is that it is possible to access it offline. One needs to download the app and share the desired news articles on Pocket only to read them later.

Another good thing about Pocket is that it is more like a social media tool and allows following people and reading the stuff they have to share.

  1. Flipboard

Flipboard occupies the second spot in the list of top news aggregator apps due to its user-friendly interface. The app is more like a customized digital magazine best suited to the needs of smartphone users. It fetches the news articles from the person’s favorite resources and combines them in the shape of a digital magazine. Flipboard also allows following and subscribing people from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook. The app doesn’t allow reading news articles for later, but it is integrated with the apps like Pocket.

Flipboard is the perfect app to find the articles from personal resources in the shape of magazines.

  1. News Republic

The News Republic is more like best to-do list apps for Android in term of its time-saving features. Unlike other news aggregator apps, it also compiles the best news articles according to trends and a person’s preferences, but it does an excellent job of making a user’s news reading task easier. The News Republic creates a digest of the sorts to bring the trendy headlines at one place. In this way, users who don’t have enough time to keep up with what’s happening around can keep themselves updated with the latest news.

  1. Feedly

Feedly is popular among the small businesses who need to remain engaged on social media for promotion of content. But, it does an excellent service for individuals who want to stay updated with what matters the most to them. As, one of the favorite news aggregator apps, Feedly does a great job of compiling news stories from a person’s favorite resources. Feedly allows social media sharing and email sharing of favorite links to the desired audience.

Users who are more active on social media and want to build on the network by sharing what is important to the like-minded people must use the Feedly.

  1. SmartNews

SmartNews somehow succeeds in standing up to its name in term of the user’s interface. The app makes sure that users remain updated with the news from their favorite category every minute. It brings what is trendy from all the favorite resources and categorizes the content according to the reader’s interests. Briefly, two factors make SmartNews smartest among the news aggregator apps; the first one is its simple and elegant user’s interface and the second one is its algorithm which allows and easy access to what is essential.

  1. Inoreader

Here we have another unique news aggregator app which is famous for its multiple sections that don’t miss any single news from the world. Inoreader also keeps track of what a person has read and therefore shows the new entries. The app also allows a search for the news articles and other such content that user has gone through or liked in the past. It is compatible with both iOS as well as Android and allows the social media sharing as well.

Apart from, all the news mentioned above aggregator apps, users can also install those of CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and other popular news organizations.

Being a C.E.O of Evolverstech Nasir Ibrahim has a close watch on the dynamic and ever-evolving world of IT and Technology. He is passionate to write about latest technology trends, IoT, digitization and innovations taking place around the world.
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