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Here Are Top 5 Most Streamed Songs of 2020 So Far

We’re just three months into a year that already feels like eternity, but at least we have an abundance of tunes to keep us occupied in quarantine time. There are plenty of songs of 2020 that are not only worth listening but worth humming.

From Lady Gaga to Dua Lipa the pop icons have brought diverse and evolving music that can surely cater to interest of connoisseurs out there.  

Top Songs of 2020

Here are the most streamed songs of 2020.

“Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga

New single by Lady Gaga “Stupid Love” is from the upcoming 6th studio album “Chromatica”. This song gathered positive critical response and commercially reached number 5 on US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was a high spirited electro-pop track by  Lady Gaga singing about falling for someone and wanting his love. In this music video Gaga is dressed like an anime warrior on an unnamed planet, and sings that all I ever wanted was Stupid love. Pop song “Stupid Love” is considered as a return of dance-pop and electro-pop.

Yummy” by Justin Bieber

“Yummy,” Justine Bieber’s first solo track from his most recent album “Changes”, released after five years of album “Purpose”. The new music song reflects the shift in his life including illness, depression and even the Town Hall Wedding. This song debuted at the number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. This song received mix reviews from critics, in terms of lyrics and  delivery.  It also received compliments for being so catchy.

What A Man Gotta Do” by Jonas Brothers

Since  Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Wedding  it is inevitable for Jona Brother to not see any at least any one of their song becoming hit. No wonders why What A Man Gotta do is one of the top songs of 2020. American group Jonas Brothers new song “What A Man Gotta Do” is a lead single of their upcoming sixth studio album.

It is an upbeat Bollywood inspired pop-song lyrically in the song the brothers ask their loves about what they have to do to lockdown their love. It stars Nick Jonas,  his wife Priyanka Chopra, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas. In this song the Jonas Brothers  have  recreated scenes from 70’s and 80’s classic movies: Risky Business, Grease and Say Anything.

“Physical” by Dua Lipa

English singer Dua Lipa’s new song “Physical” is the second single from her studio album “Future Nostalgia”. Physical is a dance-pop song  that fits perfectly with the retro-throwback theme influenced by 1981 hit single, “Physical” by Olivia Newton. It is the Lipa’s ninth song to appear on US Billboard Hot 100 chart. This song has received much appreciation from critics. 

“You Should Be Sad” by Halsey

American singer Halsey recorded song “You Should Be Sad” for her third studio album “Manic”. The song spiked at number twenty six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the country-influenced track Halsey poured out her frustrations about a previous unfaithful relationship and breakup. Upon release the song received mixed reviews but it was loved by fans who made it among top 5 songs of 2020 at least in first quarter of the year.

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