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Top 5 Sustainable Business Ideas for 2018

Say it a need of the hour or new cool, sustainable business practices are in trend. Start-ups and Wannabe entrepreneurs are always in a look for the sustainable business ideas that are not only rewarding but also solve pressing social and environmental issues.

The onset of rapid development that started after the industrial revolution has reached a point where future of the Earth is in serious jeopardy. Resources are becoming scarce, Earth’s temperature is rising and climate change which is one of the four major global risks that world is facing in 2018, is a significant issue. Given such an alarming situation, businesses have a more significant responsibility to come up with practices that leave no harm to environment or society.

But, there is another approach. And, it is to be in a business that doesn’t exploit the environment and people of the planet in any way. On the brighter side, these so many issues are not only challenges but also represent the significant opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Sustainable Business Ideas

Before we move ahead with fantastic ideas for you, let’s have a look at what exactly a sustainable business should be like.

  1. It should resolve an issue and offer a solution in the form of its products.
  2. The business’s operation, supply chain and the final product shouldn’t harm the environment in any way.
  3. The business must abstain from using the scarce resources.
  4. There should be no harmful impact on the products.
  5. Concerns of all the stakeholders must be satisfied ethically.

Now, let’s look at the sustainable business ideas of 2018.

1. Picking and Managing E-Waste

Reports suggest that around 44.4 million tons of E-waste was generated only in 2016. With an increase in the use of technology no wonders, that disposal of electronic gadgets and home appliances offers a big challenge. Many people don’t simply know how to get rid of the useless laptops, batteries, chargers, smartphones and those worn out TV sets. It is a good idea to start a pickup service that collects the E-waste from every home and drops it at the recycler’s site. In later stages, an e-waste pick up service can also set up a recycling plant.

2. Green Events Planning

The organizers of Dubai Expo 2020 are also making sure that the event is sustainable enough- this is one example of one iconic event around the world. Every day so many gatherings happen in our cities, and they also leave a harmful impact in one or other way. For example, the use of so many lights leads to the wastage of energy. One can choose to become green events planner for making sure that no resources have gone wasted in any way during the event.

3. Installing Solar Panels

Manufacturing of solar panels is indeed one of the popular sustainable business ideas of 2018. But, starting such business can be costly, for the startups who have a low budget. So, they can choose of solar panels installation businesses. Households are shifting towards environment-friendly energy resources and using solar energy for fulfilling the needs is their top priority.

Sustainable Business Ideas

4. Organic Farming

Despite the invention of so many drugs, vaccines and medical procedures, humanity has not succeeded in curing the diseases. Rather than looking towards cures, many people choose a healthy lifestyle and look to consume organic food which is not polluted by the pesticides. If you own even small piece of land, then start cultivating organic fruits and vegetables and sell as a finished product in the market of organic food consumers.

5. Blogging about Eco-Trends

It is a fact that world has become more than ever conscious about the environment. But, still, people can’t make enough effort to reduce the impact of their activities as they more care about meeting their monetary needs. A person who is keen in knowing about the latest trends in the field of ecology can start blogging and spread awareness among the masses. In this way, there is a chance of coming up with more sustainable business ideas, as increased consciousness also results in pointing towards more issues.

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