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Top 4 Technology Trends of 2018 to Watch

The world is entering into another era of technological revolution. An ordinary user’s knowledge is generally limiting to the innovations of a smartphone device. Beyond the mobile phone screen, there is another world of emerging technology trends no less than a wonder. Tech giants around the globe like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tesla are working on products and processes that will transform the human life to a great extent. Incorporation of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain Technology, and IoT (Internet of Things) in items of everyday use are likely to bring major transformation.

Technology Trends

Here is a list of the top technology trends that will shape 2018.

Decentralization in Organizations Due to Blockchain

Blockchain technology has already created the hype with the rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin with buted ledgers that technology offers has paved way for a decentralized banking system. Furthermore, many banks are investing in Blockchain as it is already challenging the conventional banking system with higher rate of user adoption. This system allows multiple user access to unchangeable records, promoting greater transparency.

Technology TrendsIoT to Become Mainstream

The phenomenon of IoT is not a new one. Almost every daily use item is getting connected to the internet for better functionality. Similarly, the year 2018 will see more innovation with an increased penetration in previously untapped fields of life. The concept of smart homes and smart cities is one such example. Furthermore, the incorporation of IoT is making processes smarter for both the private as well as the public sector. We are already witnessing products like robots, trackers and smartwatches being used for domestic purposes, and cars connected to IoT. In future, more such products are going to add to the list of daily life use items.

Technology Trends in Artificially Intelligent Software and Machines

AI has already gained popularity in the form of robotics. However, the technology is likely to see more advancement. Many industries are incorporating AI to humanize them for making the processes more quick and efficient. Con Edison, offers an excellent example in this regard. The company uses artificially intelligent machines to detect the manholes vulnerable to explosion. In this way, it manages to prevent any possible loss. AI can be more useful in tasks that require human involvement..

Immersive Experiences Powered by Virtual Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) is already popular in different sectors, primarily gaming and entertainment. In various sports especially soccer, VR powered screens and devices are used to conduct game simulations. Therefore, the same phenomenon will expand its sphere for businesses who need to predict customer experience for bringing out better products. Designers and architects will be able to leverage the VR technology for planning mega-structures.

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