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Top 9 Best To-do List Apps for Android

Very often smartphones have to face the blame of wasting the precious time of user; something which is true up to certain extent. Well, smartphones also have the credit of organizing users, with the help of digital products like To-Do List Apps for Android and iOS. So, mobile phones overall offer an opportunity to organize one’s life on the tap of finger.

Using these organizer’s apps is also not simple. Benefiting from them depends largely upon their being so user’s friendly.

Best To-do List Apps for Android

We have brought a list of best to-do list apps for android that mobile phone users can exploit to organize their daily basis tasks.

1. Wunderlist

There are many features that make Wunderlist one of the best To-do list apps for Android. It allows creation of multiple To-do lists while setting deadlines for different tasks. Wunderlist is efficient for individual users as well as for groups, as it is possible to share tasks with diverse users.

2. Todoist

Todoist has made to this list because it has a simple and elegant design which is friendly to even more tech savvy users out there. Todoist is easy to manage app. Users can set new tasks by simply entering the text and also set the deadlines.

Apart from being a good task manager, Todoist is also has a funny Karma feature that rewards points, once the user completes one task.

3. Google Keep

One of the best Android productivity apps is Google Keep which is more like an organizer. Apart from helping in designing To-do lists and setting of deadlines, Google Keep allows storage of different files as well. Hence, the app makes it easy to keep data within reach and use it as reference when required. In this way, Google Keep is a complete working desk that makes all the essentials available at one place, along with helping in organizing of tasks.

4. is more like any other app in term of its task managing features. It helps in creation, management and sharing of different To-do things. But what makes it stand distinguished is its voice feature that converts it into a talking app and focuses upon tasks whose deadline are set in today. Hence. is more like a to- do list app that assists in accomplishing of urgent goals.

5. TickTick

TickTick is famous for its flexibility. Android users can make To-do list on TickTick according to their ease. They can either make checklists or enter the task via full text descriptions.

To-Do List Apps for Android

6. Evernote

These are the advanced features that make Evernote one of the best To-do list apps for Android. The rival apps of Evernote allow creation of lists, reminders, notes, setting deadlines and sharing them. Even, few apps allow storage of photos and audio files. But Evernote is more developed as it enables uploading of video files, images along with PDF and word documents.

7. IKE

IKE is famous for offering systematic organization. It helps users to manage the tasks on the principles set by mentors. Many motivational speakers and advisors recommend prioritizing the tasks on the basis of urgent or necessary. So, IKE somehow works the principle of leaders. The app is not something that only helps in creation of to-do list but it helps in setting of reminders on the basis of what needs to be done earlier and what later.

8. Asana

It is better to term Asana as To-do list-cum coordination tool. It helps the groups to stay organized in a well-coordinated manner. Apart from setting the deadlines, it makes sure that all the team member or on the same page. Therefore, all the changes made get incorporated into To-do lists and get accomplished accordingly. Briefly, Asana is one of the best To-do list Android apps that facilitates team members to reach deadlines with consensus.

9. Trello

While Asana proves that all the members are on the same page, Trello makes sure that everyone is aware with what is going on. Individuals as well as organizations can use Trello as it manages work with cards like, work To-do, work in progress and work completed. It also enables setting of reminders and deadlines, and moving the tasks to previous cards, in case they are incomplete.

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