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Fire in The Toyota HQ Forces Employees to Evacuate

A fire in Toyota HQ located in Toyota City caused employees to dash for the doors. The cause behind the fire is not yet known investigator and firefighters are on the scene. So far no reports of casualties or fatalities have been reported

Every Thing Is under Control at Toyota HQ

According to media reports, a fire broke out on the eighth floor of Toyota HQ’s research and development facility situated in the west of Japan in Toyota City, near Nagoya. Haruka Kaneda the company’s spokesperson in a press briefing said:” it’s unclear whether the evacuation had occurred as a result of an actual fire or smoke.” She further said, “no reports of casualties have come forth, timely updates on the matter will be provided.”

The Fire And Rescue Services Are On-Site

Twelve fire engines arrived on the scene from the local fire departments. According to the first images aired on TV, there seems to be very little structural damage to the building while firefighters were entering the building with hoses.

The company so far has failed to reveal the type and function of the department where the incident has occurred reportedly. The news was first reported by a local Japanese news network called NHK through twitter and news broadcasts.

What A Shocker?

For many the reports of a fire breaking out in one of the world’s best car manufacturer’s technology facility is shocking. Toyota is considered one of the safest and economically affordable cars manufactures in the world.

It is the preferred choice for many third world country car owners. As of 2017, Toyota is considered the largest car manufacturer in the world and is the tenth-largest company by revenue. It produces 10 million cars per year and is the largest listed in Japan by market capitalization.

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