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No One Is More Treacherous Than Pakistan Cricket Team

The prospect of witnessing Pak vs. Ind cricket match is enough to excite the cricket fans. It doesn’t matter where the match takes place, the fans from all over the world get to watch it at the same level of excitements; It just keeps them glued to the TV screens.  Alas! everytime from many past years, only one side is continuously getting the win over and over again. And unfortunately, Pakistan cricket team is not from that side, instead! immense poor performance and unwillingness to improve the condition are the constants.

Same happened on 23/9/2018 in Asia cup last night where Pakistan cricket team didn’t even played like a player and handed over the victory to Indian cricket team with 60 balls and 9 wickets still left!

Pakistan Cricket Team And Twitter

After the heart-shattering performance by Pakistan Cricket Team, there are many things which people are personally dedicating to them as a reward for making us feel so much proud!

Pakistan’s Trolling The Cricket Team

The betrayal by the Pakistan cricket team made the devastated Pakistani fans all around the world to use Twitter for sending their regards to the team.



People were watching the match as keenly as the players were playing it. Only the state was different, and Pakistan cricket team proved the audience that they don’t have a valid stance.

No doubt the performance and the confidence was so low that not even a single moment could be noted as the best one or powerpack.


Targeting PM Imran Khan

Not only Pakistanis are disappointed because the cricketer team didn’t perform well, but they also started accusing the new PM Imran Khan by publishing his tweets and reminding him the comments he made on the former government regarding cricket board selection. As Imran Khan himself was a remarkable cricketer before entering politics and also brought the world cup’s trophy to Pakistan in 1992.




Not only Imran Khan but PTI also became the center of criticism on Twitter

Indian Praising Thier Team

On the other hand, Indians are praising their cricket team for their marvelous performance and momentum.

Here many people are roasting Pakistan’s cricket team because their performance lacks the concentration and proper attention. This could be the fact the last Asia Cup was won by Pakistan with the same performance. But losing, again and again, from India seems quite weird yet only Pakistani cricket team have guts to provide a new form of treachery every single time!

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