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Is Trevor Noah Right to Label Imran Khan As Pakistan’s Donald Trump

Thanks to another episode of The Daily Show that now many Pakistanis know who Trevor Noah is and many Americans know who Imran Khan is. From now onwards Imran Khan is Pakistan’s Donald Trump and Trevor Noah is ‘Lifafa Sahafi’ a term that Khan’s supporters use to describe anti-Khan journalists as they accuse them of accepting Lifafa (envelope with money) in return of spreading baseless propaganda against PTI chief.

Imran Khan As Pakistan’s Donald Trump

Trevor Noah, The Daily Show host and comedian famous for his talent of pulling off sarcasm, has drawn parallels with the US President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s likely Prime Minister Imran Khan. Noah has not done something new as Pakistani liberals who are divided on Khan are labeling him as Pakistan’s Donald Trump from last few years. He equated Khan with Trump after mentioning the popularity of later’s reality show the Apprentice in other countries of the world and to present a sarcasm-intended proof he talked about Pakistan where people elected Imran Khan, a likeness of Trump in view of Noah.

How Noah Compared Khan with Trump

Trevor Noah talked about the playboy image of Khan. He highlighted the stark similarity between both politicians who were not politicians at first place for getting married thrice. Noah also drew attention towards the fact that both Khan and Trump were celebrities and had a fan following before entering the politics. He showed the picture of Khan’s lavish bedroom from past and compared it with Trump’s Tower.

Pakistanis’ Reaction to Trevor Noah’s Show

While Trevor Noah’s purpose to label Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Donald Trump might only be pun-intended, but it sparked a debate in Pakistan. Noah’s narrative in his show was indeed inspired by how international media reported Imran Khan’s victory. Further, he was not the first one to say Khan as Donald Trump. Many Pakistani liberals including famous physicist Dr. Pervaiz Hoodhboy had written an entire article on how Khan was similar to Trump. The scientist drew parallels by mentioning Khan’s popularity among Taliban and Trump’s popularity among Ku Klux Klan.

After the fresh reminder from Noah, Pakistani Twitter users including famous analysts started debating on impact and value of The Daily Show host’s comparisons.

Hamid Mir thinks that it will increase the popularity of Imran Khan

The happiness of Liberals Didn’t Go Well with Mood of Nation

What this Twitter user has to say is true up to a certain extent. While many of Trump supporters might be racists, the majority of Imran Khan’s supporters are not extremist. It wouldn’t be right to say that Khan got the mandate for once advocating negotiations with Taliban. It was the Khan’s slogan against corruption and injustice that increased his share among voters after 2008 elections.

No one should bother Noah’s remark on Imran Khan.

Trevor’s labeling of Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Donald Trump was just a satire but there are many reasons for Pakistanis to take it seriously to weigh in their upcoming Prime Minister.

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