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Trump Admission on Sharing Sensitive Info with Russia

Trump admission on sharing confidential information comes as a surprise to many. The confirmation by US President Donald Trump involves two Russian individuals.

In response to Trump Admission, one of the senior Republican Leaders has called for ending the chaos surrounding President.

Trump Admission with No Remorse

Trump Admission is one thing upsetting the American public. He said that as a President Donald Trump has the absolute right to give facts. The secrets given to Russia relate to airline flight safety and terrorism.

In any of Trump’s conversation, he did not deny giving classified information to Russia. Donald Trump says that he believes in having a very successful relationship with Russia in the future. The President wants to fight terrorism alongside Russia.

White House’s Attempt to Give Clarification

White House came forward on Trump admission to give justification. However, General McMaster says that he still stands firmly with his earlier statement and believes the reports to be false.

General McMaster gave a strange logic saying Donald Trump did not leak any info because the President did not cite its source.

The Source of the Information

The information as per some of the international news media outlets came from Israel. The information contains sensitive intel on ISIS’s plot. The American officials did not share the info within the government sources.

However, Donald Trump admission makes it clear that he did share it with the Russians. The two people to whom he gave this info are the Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, and Sergey V. Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Minister.

The Story Does Not End Here

Trump Admission on Sharing Sensitive Info with RussiaDonald Trump also asked Comey not to investigate Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser. Consequently, this revelation has stirred up a political storm in Washington DC. The revelation about the memo reaffirms the common belief that Donald Trump tried to influence an investigation.

Donald Trump did try to persuade FBI and Justice Department not to look into the Russian investigation. Furthermore, Trump admission  erodes Democrat’s confidence in the President. The new information lands the President in an awkward situation. When Donald Trump tried to stop James Comey from the Russian investigation, he wanted to document it.

Hence, Donald Trump keeps creating controversy with his statements. Earlier Thursday, while talking to a news media organization. Donald Trump said that he factored the investigation into his campaign’s Russian connection when firing James Comey.

There are contradictory reports about Israel admitting to having shared any intel with the US. However, in the light of new information, American public’s confidence in President Trump’s leadership has become shaky.

Putin Offers to Release Meeting Record

It could not get any worse for the US President Donald Trump. However, the sharing of info may make the life of Donald Trump a lot easier. Mr. Putin says that did not pass on any confidential information to the Russian Officials. Furthermore, he said he might release a record of the meeting to the US Congress if there comes a formal request for it.

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