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Donald Trump Announces New Afghan War Strategy

Donald Trump is not happy with American Afghan war strategy. It took a lot of time for the Trump Administration to figure out its plan. Despite many in the administration weary of the American involvement, the new speech indicates no withdrawal of the forces from this war torn country.

Fight to Win Afghan War Strategy

Trump, in his most recent address, has made it clear that he wants the US Army to fight in Afghanistan and win the war. He mentioned in his new Afghan war strategy to spread. However, he did not give specifics about spreading to which direction or in what way. Trump Administration has largely remained silent about the way it wants to deal with Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the US President gave a message to the enemies of the US in Afghanistan saying they cannot wait for the American Army out. Also, he added that the American Army would attack the enemies without giving any timeline.

Trump Not Happy with Pakistan

Trump took a swipe at Pakistan saying that America will not remain silent about Pakistan’s role. Furthermore, he added that the US spent billions of dollars in Pakistan, but they were still housing terrorists. He immediately demanded Pakistan to stop the alleged harboring of terrorists.

Trump Wants India to Do More in Afghanistan

Apparently, he is the first US President not satisfied with India’s role in Afghanistan. He did say that the US appreciates India’s role in Afghanistan. However, he added that India was having billions of dollars’ worth of trade with the US. But, India as per the President, it needed to invest more money into Afghanistan’s development and economic revival.

Taliban’s Response to Donald Trump’s New Afghan War Strategy

The Taliban took no time in responding to the harsh criticism of the American President. In a statement, the Taliban have said that the US does not like to put to end one of its longest conflicts abroad. Furthermore, the Taliban stated that they would keep on fighting the US to free Afghanistan from its influence.

Ashraf Ghani’s Response to Trump’s Afghanistan Statement

The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has welcomed the new statement by Trump on Afghanistan. Furthermore, he said that he was happy to see the US efforts to help the country become self-reliant. Also, he vowed for a stronger partnership between the two nations.

Donald Trump Announces New Afghan War StrategyPakistan’s Response to the Rebuke by Donald Trump

See how Pakistani politicians responded to the Trump’s new Afghan war strategy.

Imran Khan, the Chairman of PTI, stated that the US had a flawed and failed strategy in Afghanistan. Further, he said that Pakistan had given a great sacrifice losing 70,000 people in the war against terrorism.

Senator Sherry Rehman said that what the President had said was nothing new. Furthermore, she added that it was the same rhetoric amplified.

A senior leader of the PTI Asad Umar said that the US would have to bring all relevant stakeholders to the table and address their concerns if it wants to resolve the conflict.

Meanwhile, Khurram Dastgir Khan, the Minister of Defense, emphasized that Pakistan had successfully done massive anti-terror operations like Radd-ul-Fasaad, Khyber-4, and Zarb-e-Azb. He added that the conducting of these operations speaks for the strategy Pakistan has adopted against terrorism.  

Pakistan’s foreign office has decided to issue an official statement in response to the speech by Trump on Afghanistan. Inside sources reveal that Pakistan will raise the issue of the US India tilting its shift towards its arch rival India.

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