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Its Daytona, Not Toledo Man Get Your Ducks In a Row

Donald Trump has made another blunder while condemning the horrible shooting that claimed the lives of 9 people and left 27 injured last week. The US president instead of condoling the shooting in Daytona, not Toledo mistakenly mixed the two up, and the people are appalled by his words.

Daytona Not Toledo Check Your Facts

The shooting took place in a famous night club located in the Daytona Ohio, which is located a hundred and fifty miles away. The shooter a 24 male was shot dead by the police. It’s an understandable thing that to make mistakes is a part of being human but of making them repeatedly is an indication that something is seriously wrong

Just recently during the Fourth of July parade while celebrating the achievements and glory of his nation armed forces, Trump credited them with defending the airports during the war of independence. Now, this.

The Public’s Reaction

According to recent polls, Trump is leading in Ohio with a vast majority. It is suppressing for some to see that he can’t even remember the name of the place where the massacre occurred.

There’s no doubt that both Daytona and Toledo are in the same state but they are miles apart so how can one confuse them. The people of Daytona, not Toledo, must be ticked after hearing what he said.

There Are More Important Points We Need To Focus On

While others feel that what’s the big deal if he mistakes the two places at least he was doing the right thing by condoling and even more importantly he should be denouncing white nationalism which he doesn’t. This should be the pun of the joke.

While others feel that because Trump called white nationalism sinister, his media can’t take it. That’s why they are focusing on the mistake he makes with such an eagles eye if he hadn’t said this everything would be fine.

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