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Can Donald Trump End Birthright Citizenship through Executive Order

The rising politics of identity crisis is invalidating the case for globalization in this tech-powered era. American President Donald Trump’s rhetoric to contain immigration by ending the birthright citizenship through an executive order, just proves the case.

Trump who is popular for advocating racism, Muslims ban, and provoking bigotry in American society has claimed to rescind 14th Amendment of American Constitution that gives birthright citizenship to children born in the United States of America. POTUS has called this amendment ridiculous and also made some wrong claims regarding how various countries allow citizenship right to the newborn babies of foreigners.

President Trump’s Position to End Birthright Citizenship

The claims of President Trump about ending birthright citizenship of children born to illegal immigrants has given rise to multiple questions and some debates.

The two of them are as follows.

  1. Can Donald Trump really issue an executive order to end the 14th Amendment?
  2. How will conservatives react if any POTUS issues an executive order to end the 2nd Amendment, according to which Americans can possess arms?

Is that such easy?

Well, it might seem that issuing an executive order to end childbirth citizenship right and curb the chain immigration is such an easy thing to do but it is not. The POTUS may face several legal challenges in his course. The most likely thing to happen regarding this is a debate on the 14th Amendment and its interpretation.

The amendment says “All children born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and States therein they reside.”

Even Twitterati began discussing the outcome on the interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

While the wording of this amendment is clear, there is an ambiguity on what does the phrase “under the jurisdiction of” means and hence many Twitter users targeted and debated over the same phrase.

Do POTUS claims herald that white supremacy is back and attempts are being made to homogenize the United States?

American President’s critics were quick to bring back some facts from history and talk about how the 14th amendment helped secure the rights of African slaves who were denied citizenship rights by an 1857 movement. Trump had earlier faced harsh criticism for his policy of separating immigrant children from their families at Mexican borders.

So, overall there are two different concerns. Those who oppose 14th amendment are those who oppose chain migration and those who favor it are those who want an integration of all the human beings who are making a meaningful contribution to American society. They simply want to prevent any discrimination on the basis of a person’s ethnic or racial background.

Drawing Parallels with 2nd Amendment

It was inevitable for Trump critics to not talk about the 2nd Amendment in response to his claims of rescinding 14th amendment through an executive order. It is to be noted that the year 2018 has seen an increase in shooting incidents particularly the attacks at American schools where trouble mongers victimized the innocent kids.

Members of civil society think that such incidents of public shooting are frequent due to citizens’ rights of keeping arms in the name of self-defense, hence there must be proper legislation in place to end 2nd amendment which allows citizens to keep arms. But, again many conservatives who are also Trump critics wouldn’t like an American President ending this amendment through an executive order as it will pose a threat to the sanctity of constitution.

The same thing reflected in the opinions of Twitter users.

They want people to not be a hypocrite and stand up to Trump for his intentions of rescinding birthright citizenship.

Well, POTUS doesn’t seem to be worried about repealing the 2nd Amendment if people protest against his executive order to invalidate 14th amendment in the American constitution.

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