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Trump Fires the FBI Director James Comey

Donald Trump has dismissed the FBI Director James Comey from service. Donald Trump is not happy with James Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton investigation. The dismissal of FBI Director James Comey has created a lot of controversies.

James Comey was put in charge of the investigation to determine the connection between Trump Campaign and Russia. The primary reason given by Trump is a failure of Jamey Comey to lead the FBI. The FBI is still investigation Trump’s Election Campaign’s alleged links and possible Russian influence over it.

Donald Trump on FBI Director James Comey

Donald Trump says that he appreciates FBI Director James Comey for informing him that he is not under investigations. He is referring to the judgment of the Department of Justice that FBI Director cannot lead his organization. Now, Donald Trump wants to find a new Director to head the FBI.

Political Reactions to Firing of FBI Director

Many Democrats are very upset about how Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. They are comparing this termination with Saturday Night Massacre of 1973. In 1973 Richard Nixon fired an independent special prosecutor responsible for investigating the Watergate scandal.

White House says there is no political motivation behind the move by Donald Trump.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic Leader, did talk to Trump to warn him that he was making a big mistake. He further said that only an independent prosecutor could investigate Donald Trump’s Campaign connection with Russia. Only this way the government can restore public confidence into the fairness of the investigation.

James Comey Did Not Believe the News of His Dismissal

James Comey was with his agents when got the news of his dismissal from the service. At first, he laughed about it and did not believe it to be true. Initially, he thought it to be a prank to lighten up his mood.

James Comey Role in US 2016 Elections

James Comey played a pivotal role in 2016 US Elections. He announced a renewed investigation against Mrs. Clinton for the use of private email server. Many believe this move by James Comey has cost Mrs. Clinton the election.

James Comey Nominated by Barrack Obama

Trump Fires the FBI Director James ComeyBarrack Obama nominated James Comey in 2013 as FBI Director. James Comey has led investigations into election campaigns of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Despite disagreement with James Comey, many Democrats consider the firing of the Director wrong. They say that it is not the right time to fire him. They say that the firing of James Comey is a loss to the nation as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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