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Trump Foreign Trip On the Cards

Trump foreign trip finally takes off, to visit multiple destinations in Europe and the Middle East. The political weather in the US may have become too hot for the President Donald Trump to handle.

Why Trump Foreign Trip Now?

The question that everyone at home and abroad asks, why Donald Trump wants to head out on a foreign trip? There are enough troubles at home that he first needs to tackle.

The firing of the FBI Direction is one issue that has made so many unhappy in the US. The “America First” message which he kept reverberating throughout his election campaign echoes back. The American allies are thinking how the US looks at the world after Trump came to power.

Donald Trump Simultaneously Tackling Two Fronts

Donald Trump is one of the rare US Presidents who likes to take on everything. The domestic issues are still embroiling with lots of controversies. The meeting with Russians has made things a lot more suspicious for the US President.

The recent statement by Vladimir Putin to rescue Donald Trump makes it even trickier. At the time of Obama, the US did not even want to engage with the Russians. The Russian President is offering help to Trump for the rescue. The Trump’s admission to sharing the information with Russians has further dented his ratings.

Donald Trump Foreign Trip – Things to Look for

Trump Foreign Trip On The CardsSupport for NATO

Trump has criticized NATO throughout his election campaign. However, he changed his stance back in April saying the organization is not obsolete. Trump foreign trip agenda will also include asking NATO to focus on terrorism. The President is yet to endorse NATO’s role for guaranteeing European security.

European countries mainly want to get the assurance of security from Russia. NATO was originally formed to defend Europe against Russia. In his political campaign the now President said that if NATO members expect military support from the US, they must pay their fair share.

Speech in Saudi Arabia

On Trump foreign trip, he will also give a speech on terrorism and Islam. Donald Trump in the past accused Saudi Arabia of blowing up the World Trade Center. He also added at that time that other Middle Eastern countries were also involved in this act.

On the other hand, it will not be easy to expect such a fiery speech against Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries’ leaders gathered there would expect a much-tamed speech. He may have to follow in the footsteps of Obama and Bush, telling audiences that Islam is a religion of peace.

Middle East Peace

Trump foreign trip also includes a visit to Israel. Obama did not enjoy a very cordial relationship with former Israeli Prime Minister. Trump is already facing criticism for sharing alleged confidential info provided by Israel. So, it remains to be seen how will Donald Trump navigate his stay in Israel.

Donald Trump will also have to balance the relationship with the Israeli side. The Palestinian side will expect a good gesture from Donald Trump. The most important question to ask here is if he will try to negotiate a peace deal between the two leaders.

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