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Trump Gone Mad First 100 Days

Everything went differently with Trump in power. The Trump 100 day plan, has changed the dynamics of US politics inside and outside the United States of America. Despite Trump gone mad, there were a lot of areas where Trump first 100 days targets could not be achieved. The different take of Donald Trump on the issues facing international politics made headlines across the world.

One not so shining example of Donald Trump gone mad is not taking care of the environment. In his speeches, he refers to restarting the coal fire plants. The US President believes that he can bring back coal-related jobs. The US President’s lifting of the moratorium on coal leases will have its impact on the environment.

Trump gone made as many criticize, focuses more on the short-term gains. Instead of Barrack Obama, who had a long view of the policies, Trump has a different approach. The firing of the FBI Director is one such example of interfering with the job of the professionals. Trump policies against Muslims exhibit hate and discrimination. Trump policies to ban US entry from several Muslim-majority countries makes it difficult to

What is wrong with Donald Trump?

There is so much wrong with Trump policies at different levels. Let us have a look at the various takes of Donald Trump on the issues.

On trade, Donald Trump did want to abide by the Trans-Pacific Partnership. At that time, he also went against China, and even Mexicans were not happy about it. The Trump team is in plans to renegotiate the Nafta agreement.

Similarly, Trump 100 day plan took a lot of U-turns on foreign policy issues. President Donald Trump said at the beginning of his tenure that he would reconsider the US relationship with China. Similarly, Donald Trump did not oppose developing of nuclear weapons by South Korea and Japan. Such a kind of discriminatory policy persuades the likes of North Korea to keep developing nuclear weapons.

The scrapping of Obama Healthcare which Trump calls a total disaster is another controversial decision. There is a worry in the US that the repealing of Obama Care will result in a lot of people losing health facilities.

The middle class and the poor in the US are already not happy with the taxes. Whereas, the rich are getting away with a lot of money. The cut in taxes of the corporate sector has made a lot of people in America unhappy. The fact that no American business is going to pay above 15 percent tax does not seem to be fair to many Americans.

The building of the Mexican wall is another controversy proves Trump gone mad. The close trade relations with Mexico may get severely impacted because of an anti-Mexican stance. Trump policies make over 740,000 vulnerable to deportation.

Trump Gone Mad

The US President will have to get out of the Trump gone mad mode. There are many things that he will have to digest and learn to live in peace. One recent example of toning down his temperament was his address in Saudi Arabia. Despite whatever he said in his election campaign, he could not offend heads of states of so many Muslim countries present in Saudi Arabia. Trump’s foreign trip will surely be a test of his statesmanship, temperament, and diplomacy.

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