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Does Trump’s Impeachment Mean Civil War in the US?

O man will Trump ever fail to amaze. In a recent Twitterr post the President of United States qouted of Pastor Robert Jeffers’s suggesting that his impeachment will cause civil war. Does that mean he actually has people gunning for him.

Impeachment Equals Second Civil War?

Its, not a hidden truth that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump because of his apparently anti-America policies. It’s strange or hard to understand how his impeachment will lead to a civil war.

According to American history, there has only been one civil rebellion which resulted in the Black becoming free and an end to slavery. Now even speculating that impeaching Trump will result in the second civil uprising will be really stupid.

Congress Constitutional Right to Impeach

According to the American constitution, congress has the right to impeach the president if its members feel him  incompetent or failing to perform his duties properly. So to threat the congress with a civil uprising just to save one’s presidency should be cause enough to impeach him.

Generally, if you post such things on Twitter you either get banned, or your post gets removed, but surprisingly this rule does not apply to the Heads of the States as their  tweets reel in more traffic from all over the world.

Multiple lawsuits are pending against Trump; the only reason he can’t get prosecuted is because of his presidential immunity. So if Donald Trump  gets impeached form the highest branch of the government, he loses his immunity and the gate to justice gets wide opened.

No, It’s Not Trending For The Reasons You Think

Many who got up early morning today and saw this hashtag trending online were surprised to find out that it wasn’t trending for the reason they thought it was. After that, a shroud of confusion rapped them.

It seems people have already started gathering supplies for the impending war.

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